3 solid tips on how to avoid that friendzone

3 solid tips, how to avoid that friendzone, friendzone


So bruv, the friendzone is mad real. We all know this very well, and in this day and age, you reading this has maybe encountered such a scenario or is probably stuck in one right now. It totally sucks, especially when it’s with that girl you think you might just be able to fall in love with, sweep her off her feet to a faraway land and start a life together. Okay, that might be a little far-fetched. But anyway, you get the gist, no?



Don’t get me wrong, being just friends with the opposite sex isn’t too much of a bad thing (I mean it’s a little of a cheat code if used well because it’s literally like getting some polite insider information from your girl-FRIENDS on how the girl around your environ operates and thinks). However, if you had the intentions of something more, then that zone really blows.



The millennial girl has become quite efficient, even a bit professional, on how to get a boyfriend-y relationship from the many guys she’s probably courting without actually having to give any of them that title of boyfriend. Herein are 3 solid tips on how to avoid that friendzone.




The 21st-century dating culture has changed and evolved drastically. As in your folks will definitely not be able to cut it now. Most initial points of contact these days happen online. Which means that you’ll probably be complete strangers on that first date. Use this to your advantage. The rest of your competition is boring her with several texts about getting to know each other. Be different by being bold and direct and making your intention crystal clear. Don’t waste time and just tell her exactly what you’re looking for in that interaction. A lot of guys enter and get stuck in the friendzone because they’re unable to express what they really want. Don’t make that mistake.




This is one thing many guys around the world overlook not realizing how damaging it can be. Dude, you’ve got to realize that you’re not her girlfriend, she has people for such vibe. So please my guy, avoid and avoid listening to her go on about guys that are not you. If you’re thinking she’s magically going to realize that all the others are assholes and the keeper is you, the one who’s right in front of her eyes, then woe unto you my guy because you’re probably in for a rude awakening accompanied with a deep side dish of disappointment. Again we say, unless you’ve got a Bachelors in Psychology and are looking to give some pro bono services, please cease and desist from this my guy. Trust this.




It’s generally very hard trying to leverage a friendship into a romance, however, that will be a story for another day when we’ll be showing you how you can. For now, let’s talk about that fear of rejection most guys have. We recently went in depth on how this fear comes about in our article about approach anxiety and how to beat it.


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When all you do is allow yourself to fantasize about a possible future relationship with that girl your digging it will make things ten times harder for you tell her how you really feel due to the fear of losing her altogether. This is because even that friendzone relationship is a relationship nonetheless, and losing her at this point will not be like just losing another stranger. Remember, Clarity is key.



And there you have it. 3 solid tips on how to avoid that friendzone. Follow through with this information and watch how everything will change. Go out and try it today.