420 FRIENDLY: The millennial and its Kush

millennial and its kush


No one can deny the fact that the millennial is having a much tougher time wading through this world of today than most if not all their parents did. However, that’s not the case when it concerns matters of Kush. For you guys who don’t know, Kush is marijuana, ganja, weed, that sticky icky…and so on and so forth. In this article, we’ll go OG like Snoop D and refer to it as Kush.



There are many reasons why we the millennials are having a much harder time than our folks ever did. The most glaring fact being that money is much harder to come by these days because the competition has become a lot more aggressive and has grown tenfold in the past two or three decades. This, in turn, means that young guys or rather the majority of the youth in the world today will likely not be able to afford a home when the time for starting a family comes knocking. What do we got to keep our ever worrying minds at ease, yes, Kush.



The millennial and its Kush have come to go hand in hand, best friends even. It’s safe to say that the young guys of today have pretty much made up their minds concerning matters weed related. We believe it should definitely be legal by now. It’s come to be accepted in many parts of the globe. Even right here in Africa, the motherland, and we the millennial are largely why matters cannabis have become so acceptable.



The young mind of today is addicted to the idea of having to find their own way and path in life for them to feel like they, or rather their lives, mean something. That translates to weed. We want to define and design what we think is our own take on what life is supposed to be and that involves matters Kush.



Here’s the thing, it’s not that we deny the stigma that still hovers around it, it’s that we basically choose not to perpetuate it. We understand it’s there but we know its way less than before. And then there’s the fact of how technological advancements in the world of science and botany to be specific has made our strands much stronger than what our folks got. As in, they won’t understand the true power that the ganja of the 21st century wields. It has transcended into a lab tested product to produce weed that gives the ultimate THC effect. This means that you can literally, okay not LITERALLY, feel like you’ve traveled to Heaven, said hello to Moses, Angel Gabriel and them and then came back. Basically, it can take you out of this world. And in this harsh times of today, don’t you need to just bounce once in a while?