A Christmas in Nairobi

Christmas in Nairobi, Christmas, Nairobi


You know the year is officially done when Christmas comes rolling in and my oh my how time flies. The year 2017 will be a thing of the past in a few weeks’ time just like that. For those of you who were sure this was going to be the year of great things and sadly things didn’t turn out as planned, well…don’t worry, you’ll get them next year. As for those of you that had a wonderful, successful and fulfilling 2017, kudos to you and yours and on to the next one, no?



Anyway, now let’s quickly get back to why we here today. This here article is basically all about what to expect when spending Christmas in Nairobi, our beautiful Kenyan capital under the sun. Like most other cities in the world once you hit 23rd or 24th of December, going shopping in those major shopping outlets or centers in and around the city is usually an absolute nightmare. Whether it’s shopping for clothes and shoes at Toi, Gikomba or Town or just hitting the various malls around the city for that last minute grocery or gift shopping, you’ll need to adequately prepare your mindset and brace yourself for an uphill task. Kenyans and last minute go hand in hand so that human traffic and congestion you’ll find in those shopping zones is the devil. It’s best you try to do everything you need to do before these dates.



One of the best things, however, with hanging out in the capital over the Christmas period is Nairobi roads with no traffic. This is largely due to the fact that a large number of guys go back home or shagz over the holidays, of course not forgetting those of you with other various exotic destinations. Being able to cruise through the city without having to get caught up in traffic for about 2 hours in one of the many Nairobi highways is simply fantastic. You actually get to see the city in a different light. Or then again that could just be the high you get at being able to drive all around the city at a minimum 50kph because we all know how on some days, in that traffic from hell, you can even start to feel as though you’re moving in reverse.



Another nice thing about Christmas in Nairobi is the Christmas lights glowing all around the city, especially at the major malls. One thing about growing up in the city was looking forward to passing or going to Sarit Center in Westlands for whatever reason during Christmas. Those guys were hands down the pioneers of exciting mall Christmas lighting in Nairobi and probably the best at it for quite a while. As in for us little Kenyans in Africa here that stuff was quite captivating. They used to do it so well, however, one can’t help but notice that like from how they started they haven’t yet reached their true potential and might even be slipping a little bit. We really hope you guys at Sarit step it up a little this year and bring out you’re a game considering how much you’ve put into your premises face-lift.



On the actual Christmas date, 25th, for most guys this is when they’ll see the inside of a church since a very long time. But at least we can be happy when we say that about 60% of the population give this day back to Christ. Most churches will be full to capacity and even in some instances overflowing. Those of you diligent Sunday churchgoers must get so annoyed when you go to church and you can’t get a seat and on the day of ultimate celebration. But being a true Christian means you should be delighted when more children come to the Lord, yes?



All in all the truth is, Christmas in Nairobi isn’t too bad at all. The city is so calm and peaceful. You truly get to enjoy it in its best form. However, from wherever you’re reading this enjoy your holidays, have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year as well!


Adios, my guys….


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