Are you a fuckboy?

are you a fuckboy, fuckboy


Guys, the word fuckboy is being thrown around a whole lot these days. Most especially by those girls that tend to bring it up anytime the dude she’s dating or courting does something she doesn’t like. It’s even gotten to the point where every guy has been on the receiving end of this insult at least once. We’re sure even you, the so called “nice guy.” But you know what, whatever. We’re taking that word back and showing you how you can wear it with a little pride, bruv. As in, if your definition of a happy life is getting to have mind blowing sex with a different broad every week, then rock on my guy. Life is simply just too short to allow yourself to get manipulated by a female driven media world. So…are you a fuckboy?




Are you forward and direct from the jump? Do you usually know exactly what you want and how to get it in your initial points of contact with the girls you’re targeting? Do you have some irresistible good looks and are you oozing that aura of charm and immense confidence? If so, then my guy, you’re a fuckboy. This is because if you’re able to reach these heights, it means that you’ve been doing this for quite a while with many different girls that’s why you have come to be so efficient and effective. Practice does make perfect, even though you might not be realizing it. And so, if you’re gaming many different shortys easily and effortlessly then start enjoying the tag.




If your image literally means everything to you then you should know that having that trait is a big fuckboy move. As a player, keeping your image on point is quite important. And there’s usually no better place, to flaunt you prowess, than social media. If your profiles never have pictures with you tagged with other girls and you’re always liking a bunch of Insta-model pics on the Gram, just for the sake of keeping yourself in good books with all of them then, yes, fuckboy.




Do you always text and never call but still manage to get the girl?  Is she the one that always has to follow up on you? Do you only show your affection in private scenarios? And finally, are you always on that late night booty call tip usually expecting that piece of ass to be served up in 45 minutes or less like a KFC lunchbox? If all this is a yes, then my guy you’re a hard fuckboy. Booty comes pretty easy to this type of guy, largely so because of the vast experience the fuckboy has. The fuckboy’s eyes are woke, not like the rest that are still living in the Matrix. They see the truth so they know exactly what they want and how to get it with the least amount of time, energy and resource




Yo bro, no move is more commonly known than this one about the fuckboy. If you’re not giving a tag to the girl you’re with then that’s probably because you have many others behind her you’re juggling. Giving them definitive name tags such as girlfriend, FWB and so on can be confusing and complicating. The true fuckboy is one that doesn’t even really recognize their real names leave alone the girlfriend tag. With them, on their phones, you’ll see broads saved as “1824 Brenda” or “Artcaffe Dreads.” Names are for nice guys, and you know what they say right? Nice guys always finish last.



And there you have it fam. This right here is the small blueprint of a fuckboy. But please young one, don’t let these broads out there cheat you that this is a bad thing to be. It’s a man’s world and fortunately for anyone rocking a penis, a dude can NEVER be a slut. No matter how bad they try to associate this word with that. Take the red pill and stay woke, bruv. The dark side is always more fun than the light. Why pick one rose when you can have the whole bunch, no?

So…are you a fuckboy?