Boxing: The year of Mayweather vs McGregor, Boxing and MMA collide


If anyone told you that the fight pitting Floyd Mayweather Jr against Conor McGregor wasn’t the biggest one in the fight world of 2017, then I’m sorry but that guy might be just a little delusional. The fact that it was something that had never been done before is enough to win any argument on that matter. Bringing the boxing and MMA world together for a brief moment in this fashion was quite an interesting and eye catching idea and with the massive rise in popularity Mixed Martial Arts has managed to garner all across the globe over the past few years it made this something people could not stop talking about.


Before I go any further, let me just say big up to that Irish lad. That guy is one tough cookie. Conor McGregor was fantastic. He did more than hold his own, and that is to say the least. This actually turned out to be a pretty good fight where both of them tried to be the aggressor which is a little surprising from Team Money Team, TMT’s point of view. This is because Floyd Mayweather is not traditionally an aggressive fighter though I suppose considering the fact that this was McGregor’s first professional boxing bout, he may have felt he needs to school the Notorious a bit to prove a point. Keeping that legend status intact and all you know.


One thing that was definitely clear about this fight was that Floyd has certainly passed his prime. His punching power was nowhere near what it used to be and he may have realized for himself that this would probably be his last fight this time round for sure. However, we all know how the man behind TMT loves money. I mean Team MONEY Team. A very big paycheck always has the possibility of convincing this dude to get back in the ring. As in the sponsorship alone for the Hublot trunks he wore brought him excess of 50 million dollars. Yes, wearing the shorts only.


Floyd Mayweather’s payout after the night was done was 100 million dollars. Conor McGregor’s amount was not too far behind with his being a healthy 30 million dollars, despite the loss. However, with the addition of massive pay per view revenue the fight produced means that they likely made considerably much more. However, being that the agreement signed by both fighters was confidential; the exact amount isn’t known to the public


The Notorious, even though taking a loss, did the Mixed Martial Arts world proud. The fact that he went almost ten rounds with one of the best boxers in the world alive today when he himself had no professional boxing know how whatsoever was not only astonishing but surely enough said.


All in all, this fight proved to be one for the record books. It had everything you needed. Drama, brought forth by the intense and somewhat manufactured animosity produced by the fighters, action and excitement. It was one that won’t soon be forgotten.