Case of the Ex: Dating your ex-girlfriends friend

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Okay, we know there’s plenty fish in the sea, so to speak, but you know what, sometimes you just want that one particular one, you get? There could be an abundance of Tilapia or Omena (sardine-like fish found in Kenya’s Lake Victoria) at the time of your fishing expedition but maybe what you really have a taste for at the moment is Salmon or Seabass, you dig? It’s unfortunate, but sometimes your ex-girlfriends friend might just happen to be that Salmon you’re so craving. What to do young one, right?



Anyway, don’t fret my guy, we’re here and as always we got you. First off, with shit like this, it’s never that serious. Genuine attraction is simply uncontrollable and crushing your exes friends is a pretty normal thing these days. Besides, birds of a feather flock together, no?



So if your shorty was a dime piece, a straight up ten over ten, then it’s likely that she’ll have a few banging friends as well bruv. And they probably all share the same interests which might mean that you’re kind of already a match seeing as how you were in with her friend. All in all, this case of the ex situation is no mean fete. Here’s how you can go about the dating of your ex-girlfriends friend.




Dude, you don’t need to ask permission from your ex-girlfriend for anything anymore. Besides, there’s a very high chance she’ll refuse either way, even though you guys are best of buds. Truth is, it’s always better to ask for forgiveness rather than permission. Asking for permission will only lead to her running interference because you dating is something she doesn’t want to think about in the first place and if it’s with her girl, it just makes everything ten times worse.




It’s advisable you test the waters a bit before going all in my guy, however, picking up your exes friend can at times be way easier than scooping a stranger. If you’re asking why, well isn’t it a little obvious. Anyway, besides the fact that you already know each other a bit, if you’re thinking about this move then you’ve probably had some polite ongoing flirtation, have some undercover inside jokes and are generally vibing. Now that you’re single, all you have to do is increase the tempo and ratchet things up a tad bit.




This broad probably knows everything about your break up…wait, no, she definitely does my guy. Don’t bore her with that nonsense. Approach her with care, as you would any other shorty in your life you’re gaming. You need to frame what you want clearly while slowly easing her into the idea. As long as she doesn’t tell you to stop at any point, then my friend, you’re inside.




Women always compete with each other, even though they don’t realize it. Fortunately for you, friends are no exception and one of the things they compete over the most is…yes, men. We are their shiny trophy because we’re like basically the manifestation of her greater desire, beauty and intelligence. Her winning over her friend’s trophy can be a really big ego boost. Take advantage of this and play her heartstrings to this tune. It works like a charm bruv.



We love talking about the case of the ex. It’s hard not to in this 21st century where you’ll probably have a million exes before you call it quits with this life and get hitched and still there’s a 50 percent chance even that one will be an ex. Anyway, now you know how dating your ex-girlfriends friend goes. You should now be fine young one, no?


And with that, we out. Deuces