Case of the Ex: Sex with the ex-girlfriend

case of the ex. sex with the ex-girlfriend, ex-girlfriend

It’s a brave new world we live in, my guy. But of course, you should already know this bruv. Anyway, for you who didn’t, don’t fret, we’re always here and we got you. As always let’s see if we can get and keep you woke.  The case of the ex when it comes to sex with the ex-girlfriend is a pretty normal thing these days. That’s not to say it still isn’t some risky business. But hey, maybe that little risk and adrenaline rush is what makes it all the more fun.



Nairobi has the illusion of being quite a big city, but the truth is it really isn’t. However, compared to our African counterparts, we aren’t doing too shabby. Anyway, we digress. Let’s get back. It’s very…very easy to bump into your ex-girl in this beloved Kenyan capital of ours. Often times it’s a pretty awkward situation but if managed well a unique opportunity may present itself. This glorious opportunity is a few ‘BEDminton’ sets between the sheets with no strings attached. And if you didn’t get that young one, it’s sex bruv…SEX! Just those loose ones for the good old days, you know. Here’s how to move well with it, get inside and have some smooth sailing while in it.




Unless you’re asking her if she’s got a new dude in her life avoid all vibes to do with relationships. Broads are sensitive, delicate beings. She’ll be spending a lot of this after specials time trying to dissect everything you say. Looking for any and every sign of whatever is going on in her mind, which is usually if you guys can make it work one more time. Resist the temptation to reminisce using old inside jokes and referring to each other using your pet names. If you must talk about the past, keep it all about those hot sexual rendezvous’ you used to have. Not only does it help your Ex get into the mood, it reinforces where you’re going with things.




Once inside, this is by far the most important thing you always have to keep in mind. Never get too comfortable, bruv. Falling back into the old routines you guys used to have is as easy as a slay queen with her Nigerian sponsor.  If you want to have the “we need to talk” come up in conversation allow yourself to fall back into old habits. Netflix and chill with the ex-girlfriend shouldn’t exist or get entertained in your mind. It’s all about the punani. After doing the dirty, chit-chat on a minimum and then you’re out like a Gay who’s been in the closet.




Things should move at your pace and, more importantly, on your terms. It’s even advisable to let her know about the other broads your smashing. This tactic is good for two things. One, either it will send her packing, which will tell you a lot about her mindset and that it definitely wouldn’t have been a good idea or two, it will galvanize the casual setup. Remember she’s just like any other shorty now in general population. She enjoys no special privileges.




This last one has somewhat been the base of this whole article. It seems the most obvious, however, you’d be surprised how much it’s not. If you’re for real about keeping it purely physical you both have to be on the same page on this and let her know that the times you’ll be spending with her all you’ll be wanting is her cookie, literally nothing more. Usually putting a firm stance on this will make her call it quits pretty quickly but for those that stick around anyway, oh my, fun galore. Just brace for sexolympics.



Let no one cheat you, sex with the ex-girlfriend is usually a rare treat. Not too many folks get a taste of this. The fact that you know each other and still probably have some unresolved dysfunctional emotions lingering about make this a super recipe for mind-blowing sex. Unfortunately, where there’s high reward, there’s high risk. These extra time unions are ripe with complication. Just keep things honest. Keep things casual. Most importantly, keep things sizzling hot.

We out!