Case of the Ex: Should you ever get back with your Ex?

Case of the ex, Should you ever get back with your ex


So, that “forever” love you and your girl had is over! What next, right? Most breakups suck, bruv…many of us know this all too well. Sure, what you guys had may not have been the best, but yo, affairs of the heart rarely often produce smooth sailings. Often times, it’s a journey on a murram road at best. But hey, you still can’t live this life alone. That void has to be filled eventually. Unfortunately, normally the only lead in your mind, in the beginning, will be to move back to your comfort zone.


One of the hardest things that come with falling in love and being in a relationship with someone is when the time comes where you know you have to end it. But it doesn’t stop there, bruv. What’s equally as hard is making the decision of whether to give it another shot, especially right after you’ve just broken up. Now, here’s where we come in my guy. As always we got you, you dig? So, should you ever get back with your ex? Here’s a few things you really need to consider before getting back into the ring for round 2 (or 3…or 4, whatever the case).





Dude, why did you two have to break up in the first place? This is, undoubtedly, the most obvious first question you have to ask yourself before you make any move. Whether you didn’t see it coming, like a Mike Tyson right hook or it was just the result of a long, painfully slow, natural death of love, most relationships die because of a particular reason. In most cases, that reason hasn’t changed. If she dumped you because you go H.A.M on the drinks, you hit the blunt a little too much or you’re just basically lazy as fuck, even though now you only drink beer instead of spirits or you don’t hit bush weed or you’re now only lazy four days a week, you can look forward to fighting over the same shit.





Was she a tremendously good shag and you feel like you won’t get it that way ever again? Is your family riding you about the whole kids and family gig? Are you allergic to being single? Did her shit never smell? Whatever the case, you have to really know why you want this broad back if you want things to work. This is a decision that needs to be fully yours, don’t allow outside parties to influence it. If you still truly love that shorty, go for it, however, if it’s just because you’re terrified of being lonely or you don’t want to dive into the wilderness of singlehood again think twice. Ask yourself this, do you really see that till death do us part and all? If so then go for it, my dude.





Being jealous is a very…very normal thing. But don’t fret too much, it’s a very human one. You’d have to be a real saint like Mandela or Ghandi not to feel jealous of someone you had deep feelings for. The one thing you finally can’t have. If you see she’s moved on and she seems happy, you have to let her be. Give her the chance to try playing out that new life. Besides, In reality, it’s much easier for a dude to get another partner than your lady, especially in the later stages of life. Just take it to the chin and keep it moving, it’ll get better.





In most part, timing is everything. Sometimes, personal growth milestones, finance and career aspirations need to be met for them to feel like they’ve gotten there, for both of you. Maybe the stars weren’t aligned for the both of you that way. If in future the stars somehow realign (Like Ted and Robin HIMYM)…even though that sounds fantasy like, do it. But in the real world that’s never the case, but hey, it truly comes down to you.



And with that as our parting word this time out, the case of the ex will still always be a bit of a gut-twisting topic. It’s tough to swallow sometimes, but a very necessary evil. Should you ever get back with your ex? Take all these things we’ve laid out, wade through and see what the result in your heart is. Like we mentioned earlier, it ultimately comes down to you.


Laters bruv.