Case of the ex: When you like your boy’s ex girlfriend


Now we all know how sensitive the bro code can be on matters concerning this nature. The case of the ex is a sensitive subject in many modernized urban cultures in the world today. Most people will usually feel that if you find that you’re generally not really friends and are merely acquaintances then there shouldn’t be too much beef that should arise, however, if that said boy is a guy in the inner circle then apparently according to the bro code it’s a no no. Though in our opinion that set of societal rules is a bit vague on this issue.



There are a lot of guys out there who feel that an ex-girlfriend is off limits to all his boys as soon as that ex comes before the girlfriend no matter what. This, in our honest opinion, we think is ridiculously insane. As in, is this the south in 19th century America where guys owning people isn’t so bad or, unfortunately, Libya where things aren’t going on too well for the Negro immigrant and we didn’t get the memo? Come on. All you’re really doing in a relationship is sharing time with each other so once your time’s up, shouldn’t it be on to the next one, no?


It’s up to you to try your level best and make sure that time you’re sharing lasts forever, but, when the fat lady sings and things get done and dusted, you’ve got to sort your shit and truly move on bro. It’s not your place to take it upon yourself to design and shape peoples futures, besides, what if you were merely the gateway drug and your friend the real high. You could’ve been meant to be merely a doorway to greater things for your ex even if that greater thing happens to be your boy, as painful as that may be. The bottom line though is you’ll eventually have to let that girl go.



Finding great chemistry and connection between two souls is a very…very rare thing these days, and if it so happens that this arises between your ex and your boy you simply have got to let it be. The potential opportunity of something special should be ceased by anyone and everyone, especially in a day and age where finding strong and solid relationships can be really hard to come by.



So if you’ve found yourself in this situation where you think you’re getting to like your boy’s ex-girlfriend then here’s what you should do. First and foremost confirm those feelings you have with the ex. Clear the air and confirm that the feeling is mutual between you two. It’s vital that you ensure your both reading from the same script on this matter. The fact that you both know your friend pretty well will help you guys come up with the perfect plan for how to break the news to him without causing too much damage.



All in all, this situation is probably one of the toughest situations you will generally have to face in your life and some tricky and sensitive lessons will have to be learned. Total and complete honesty will have to be displayed by you and the ex for you guys to have the most minimal damage possible. Navigating through this minefield of emotions will definitely show what kind of man you really are.