Day Game: Donuts World, Westlands

Day game, donuts world, Westlands

So bruv, today marks the day we introduce a new series to the website. We’re really hoping you’re going to like it. Anyway, let’s explain a little more about it. There are two types of men in the world, and we say world because we’re pretty sure this cuts across way beyond Africa, let alone Kenya. The first is the guy who likes courting and dating his women during the day. Throwing game while the sun’s out, Day game, while the other, is the guy of the nightclub, bars and dinner dates. He doesn’t let his freak out until he sees the moon. This is known as Night game. Bet you didn’t know there were terms for such shit huh? Continue reading “Day Game: Donuts World, Westlands”

Style up your breakfast with this Eggs Benedict recipe

style up your breakfast, eggs Benedict recipe, eggs Benedict, breakfast

The Eggs Benedict is one of the most decadent breakfast dishes you’ll ever come across whichever part of the world you happen to come from. It’s quite simply outstanding. It’s always the star of the show whenever it makes an appearance on any brunch or breakfast table. While the recipe would intimidate most people, we’re here to tell you that it’s actually not that hard to prepare. Like always, we got you young one. Stunt on guys and style up your breakfast with this awesome eggs benedict recipe. Continue reading “Style up your breakfast with this Eggs Benedict recipe”

Making of a dapper brother: Cocktails for men

dapper brother, cocktails for men, cocktails


All this happy hour craze that has hit most of the cool drinking spots in and around Nairobi opens up a sweet opportunity. It gives you a chance to go and seriously abuse these ridiculously overpriced joints once in a while. You know, stunt for those few boujee broads you met on Tinder, your neighboring office or wherever, without having to break the bank too much. Continue reading “Making of a dapper brother: Cocktails for men”

3 easy on the pocket January cocktail recipes

3 easy on the pocket January cocktail recipes


The holidays are up and it’s back to reality for many. You’ve done you Merry Christmas and Happy New year thing and we sure your pocket has taken a massive beating much like what Kunta Kinte and the slaves in 19th century America had to endure. Yo, but we know you can’t stop drinking, bruv. Here are 3 easy on the pocket January cocktail recipes you can rock on with this month. As always, we got you. Continue reading “3 easy on the pocket January cocktail recipes”

French up your chicken with this simple coq au vin recipe

French up your chicken, simple coq au vin recipe


Most guys in the culinary world and food scene know that France has and produces some of the finest eats in the world. The food capital of the planet Earth, so to speak. Very few can do it better than the French. However, you don’t need to go to France to French up your chicken. We, with the help of the Internet, got you. Here’s a very simple coq au vin recipe you can try right there at home. Stunt on your guest(s) a little with this delightful and absolutely delicious chicken dish. Continue reading “French up your chicken with this simple coq au vin recipe”

McDonald’s is coming to Kenya

McDonald's, Kenya, Kenyan


Hear ye, hear ye all you foodies out there. You need to stop what you’re doing and listen for a bit because this is something you just can’t miss. McDonald’s, yes, the iconic golden arches, Mickey D’s, is coming to Kenya. The largest fast-food chain in the world, the McDonalds Corp has now decided to follow others and make its way into our ever growing Kenyan food scene. The doors of its first store are expected to be open to the public by mid-2018, next year. How exciting, no? Continue reading “McDonald’s is coming to Kenya”

Try out these 3 simple Christmas cocktails this festive season

simple Christmas cocktails


Christmas is upon us yet again and we all know what that means in Nairobi, or rather Kenya at large. The month of excess and over-indulgence, most especially with matters involving alcohol…or drank. Style up your favorite drinks this holiday season with these 3 simple Christmas cocktail recipes. Continue reading “Try out these 3 simple Christmas cocktails this festive season”

This easy frittata is perfect for brunch


One thing about this wonderful Italian egg dish is that there’s really no such thing as a set recipe as such. It’s mostly all about what you like eating and what you’d like to incorporate into your eggs. This dish allows everyone to kind of have their own personal take and spin on it, however, there are some basic things involved that every frittata should have. Continue reading “This easy frittata is perfect for brunch”

Classic Spanish Sangria with rum recipe

classic spanish sangria


You’re at the crib on a Sunday afternoon, you’re team is not playing and your just with your lady keeping it casual. You both want to drink but she’s not down for a beer or hard liquor and you’re not really game for sipping wine the whole afternoon. Why not try this Classic Spanish sangria recipe where you get the chance to mix wine and that hard stuff in a tasty and elegant manner. This is a fantastic, easy to make, wine cocktail that goes great with those lazy Sunday afternoons. Continue reading “Classic Spanish Sangria with rum recipe”

How to make the perfect steak

steak picture


When cooking steaks, most people prefer to use sirloin, fillet, rump or rib eye steak. However there very many other underrated cuts much like those you get at your local butcher with no names just quarter or half that can still whip up a very splendid steak dish. Don’t be fooled into thinking that you need expensive premium cuts to whip up for yourself a gourmet steak dish at home. Continue reading “How to make the perfect steak”

The 5 best burger joints in Nairobi

best burgers pic


Many people don’t really appreciate that precise mess that goes into crafting the perfect burger. Most think it’s just taking a portion of mincemeat/ground beef, squishing it together forming a circular shaped patty, frying or grilling the said patty and then putting it in between some burger buns and adding some light vegetables with maybe a little cheese. My guy, it’s so much more. Continue reading “The 5 best burger joints in Nairobi”

Losing weight and getting lean using the ketogenic diet


Millions and millions of people all over the world try and lose weight but usually end up failing. The reason they’re failing is because most of them just happen to be totally misinformed and have the wrong strategies at play. Most normally think that the reason they are gaining weight is because they eat too much and don’t exercise. They end up believing way too much in the calories in, calories out system, however, that system is a total scam. In this article we’ll discuss the secret to losing weight using the ketogenic diet. Continue reading “Losing weight and getting lean using the ketogenic diet”