Case of the Ex: Should you ever get back with your Ex?

Case of the ex, Should you ever get back with your ex


So, that “forever” love you and your girl had is over! What next, right? Most breakups suck, bruv…many of us know this all too well. Sure, what you guys had may not have been the best, but yo, affairs of the heart rarely often produce smooth sailings. Often times, it’s a journey on a murram road at best. But hey, you still can’t live this life alone. That void has to be filled eventually. Unfortunately, normally the only lead in your mind, in the beginning, will be to move back to your comfort zone. Continue reading “Case of the Ex: Should you ever get back with your Ex?”

The Art of the Douchebag

art of the douchebag, douchebag

Today, we’re going to be talking a little, okay maybe a lot, about the douchebag. There’s a high chance you’ve seen, met or come across one. Heck, probably you, the one reading this is a douchebag deep. Anyway, he’s the guy that wears a polo shirt and keeps its collar popped, or the guy that loves showing off the “gun show”(and for those of you that may not have caught that, his muscles bruv). Basically, they’re the king of their world, and they usually really never care about what the rest of the world thinks. Continue reading “The Art of the Douchebag”

Is she a gold digger?

she a gold digger, gold digger

“Now I ain’t saying she’s a gold digger, but she ain’t messing with no broke niggas…” Rare wise words from Kanye we totally don’t see anything wrong with. As in, a shorty is entitled to want the finer things in life, heck we want that shit. However, let’s dissect those words a bit and clarify one thing. There’s a big difference between a gold digger and a broad who’s financially concerned. Continue reading “Is she a gold digger?”

Is she D.T.F (Down To F@#K)?

is she d.t.f, down to fuck, d.t.f

For those of you that never got to watch Mike the “Situation” and Pauly D do their thing on one of the most famous reality shows of its time, The Jersey Shore, then you probably don’t know or are not really sure what D.T.F means. It’s caught on quite a bit since then. Anyway, D.T.F basically means down to fuck, as was subtly put in our topic headline above. That’s it really. Continue reading “Is she D.T.F (Down To F@#K)?”

Day Game: Donuts World, Westlands

Day game, donuts world, Westlands

So bruv, today marks the day we introduce a new series to the website. We’re really hoping you’re going to like it. Anyway, let’s explain a little more about it. There are two types of men in the world, and we say world because we’re pretty sure this cuts across way beyond Africa, let alone Kenya. The first is the guy who likes courting and dating his women during the day. Throwing game while the sun’s out, Day game, while the other, is the guy of the nightclub, bars and dinner dates. He doesn’t let his freak out until he sees the moon. This is known as Night game. Bet you didn’t know there were terms for such shit huh? Continue reading “Day Game: Donuts World, Westlands”

Jumia Mobile Week Sale

Jumia mobile week

Dude, have you been needing or thinking about getting a phone upgrade but maybe cash has been a little tight to come by? My guy, why don’t you take advantage of Jumia Mobile week? It’s 30% off bruv, you can be rolling with a new smartphone for as low as 3k. If not for yourself then even for your boo or one of your family members or something, just buy. Continue reading “Jumia Mobile Week Sale”

The Beard Gang

beard gang, beard, guy

Does having a beard really change anything when it comes to how broads perceive you? Dude…it most certainly does. As in the beard gang is ruling bruv, and if anyone tells you any different then that person is straight up Lucifer because they’re the master of lies. The beard can make one go from looking like a nerdy 15 year old virgin to the Wolverine, in the blink of an eye. Of course minus the enormous pecks and biceps my guy. Simply put, shortys seriously dig the beard. Continue reading “The Beard Gang”

Is she worth it?

is she worth it, ms. right, my guy,

Who’s the right girl for you? An age-old question that seems to have been on people’s minds forever. Unfortunately, no one can really answer this for you because only you know what you need. Most girls don’t know this, but some of us brothers are also desperately looking for Ms. Right. And in this fast-paced millennial life, they’re getting harder and harder to come by. Continue reading “Is she worth it?”

To Tinder or nah?

Tinder, Tinder or nah, online dating

Let’s face it my guy, online dating and meeting chicks online is here to stay. Here in Africa, such stuff may not be as popular as it is in the West, however, we’re catching on pretty fast, especially here in Kenya. In comes Tinder. This place is literally a one stop shop for potential. As in, if you’re a single guy, we don’t understand how you can be living without that app on your phone. Anyway, to tinder or nah? Continue reading “To Tinder or nah?”

Case of the Ex: Dating your ex-girlfriends friend

case of the ex, dating your ex-girlfriends friend, ex-girlfriends friend, ex-girlfriend

Okay, we know there’s plenty fish in the sea, so to speak, but you know what, sometimes you just want that one particular one, you get? There could be an abundance of Tilapia or Omena (sardine-like fish found in Kenya’s Lake Victoria) at the time of your fishing expedition but maybe what you really have a taste for at the moment is Salmon or Seabass, you dig? It’s unfortunate, but sometimes your ex-girlfriends friend might just happen to be that Salmon you’re so craving. What to do young one, right? Continue reading “Case of the Ex: Dating your ex-girlfriends friend”

Traits of a desirable man

traits of a desirable man, desirable man, my guy, shorty

Everyone likes to be liked. It’s an inherent nature the human has, we assume. Even that guy that seems or acts like he doesn’t want it, when he gets it a little he likes it, you dig? This liking being liked gets even stronger when it’s coming from the opposite sex. And let’s face it, how to know how to get someone to like you is something the majority of us here on earth think about on a daily basis. Continue reading “Traits of a desirable man”

The finger up the butt

finger up the butt, butt, sex, smash

There’s this thing that’s been going around for quite some time now among the female fraternity where during sex some broads randomly and loosely slide their finger up the butt. Not sure about how you feel on that huh? Anyway, a large part of us human beings share the same sexual desires, however, many of us shy away from openly talking about them and that’s why we usually don’t realize this. Continue reading “The finger up the butt”

Making of a dapper brother: Cocktails for men

dapper brother, cocktails for men, cocktails


All this happy hour craze that has hit most of the cool drinking spots in and around Nairobi opens up a sweet opportunity. It gives you a chance to go and seriously abuse these ridiculously overpriced joints once in a while. You know, stunt for those few boujee broads you met on Tinder, your neighboring office or wherever, without having to break the bank too much. Continue reading “Making of a dapper brother: Cocktails for men”

How important is oral sex?

how important is oral sex, punani, getting head, going down

Okay, how important is oral sex. Quite frankly, in our opinion, we feel it’s very important. As in, going down on the shorty is something you just have to learn, bruv. That’s if you’re not already doing it that is. Great sex happens when you’re both willing to give and not just take. You see, it’s not only you who loves getting head. Your broad, most definitely, would love for her punani to be waxed as well once in a while. Simply put, selfishness is usually the killer of a great smash. Continue reading “How important is oral sex?”

The art of “Negging”

art of negging, negging, neg

Negging has been deeply misunderstood in recent years, and has come to be one of the most overused parts of game as well. Many urban societies feel it’s a part of courtship that has gotten a little out dated these days. Okay, if you’re lost my guy, and don’t know what the hell’s going on right now, don’t fret. We’ll hit it off by telling you what negging is. Basically, a neg is when you give a shorty a half compliment or a compliment with a hint of insult spice in the attempt to bring down her self-esteem and confidence just enough for her to get interested in your vibe. Continue reading “The art of “Negging””

To Valentine or not to Valentine?

To Valentine or not to Valentine, Valentine's day, guy, bruv

Feb is here. That time of the year the color red communicates love and affection. The Feast of St Valentine. Valentine’s Day. Okay, this day (or month, the way it feels these days) is basically a marketing machine aimed at profiting from the inherent desire the human has to be socially accepted, as well as, from selling the illusions of what true love means and should look like. In other words, issa lie! However, love is still a beautiful thing. Anyway, let’s get back to why we here bruv. To Valentine or not to Valentine, that is the question? Continue reading “To Valentine or not to Valentine?”

Case of the Ex: Sex with the ex-girlfriend

case of the ex. sex with the ex-girlfriend, ex-girlfriend

It’s a brave new world we live in, my guy. But of course, you should already know this bruv. Anyway, for you who didn’t, don’t fret, we’re always here and we got you. As always let’s see if we can get and keep you woke.  The case of the ex when it comes to sex with the ex-girlfriend is a pretty normal thing these days. That’s not to say it still isn’t some risky business. But hey, maybe that little risk and adrenaline rush is what makes it all the more fun. Continue reading “Case of the Ex: Sex with the ex-girlfriend”

“I’m sorry…I was just drunk”

i was just drunk, alcohol, blame it on the alcohol

Like T-Pain said, “Blame it on the alcohol,” right? WRONG! Alcohol just has to stop being an excuse for bad behavior. “I’m sorry…I was just drunk” can’t fly no more, bruv. You need to evolve or die. Okay…not die, my guy, don’t be scared young one. However, you need to start thinking of becoming a better you and that can’t happen without first dropping this nasty habit. One of the very first things most kids grow up learning is how to take responsibility for their actions as well owning up to their shortcomings and mishaps. Here in Kenya and probably most parts of Africa, as a kid, if you did something wrong, after getting one hell of an ass whooping you’d  have to admit to your fuck up and apologize. Continue reading ““I’m sorry…I was just drunk””

Nice guys always finish last

nice guys always finish last, my guy, nice guy

Dude, let no one deceive you. Nice guys always finish last. Most of these broads out here don’t really want the nice guy…for real. They want that bad boy, bruv. That straight up douchebag. Truth is, women usually think they want a nice guy but what they really mean is that they want a great guy. And a nice guy and great guy are two very different things. A great guy is one that believes and lives by his own principles, even though they may sometimes end up clashing with theirs, as well as a guy that respects and understands himself. A nice guy, on the other hand, is the Mr. Yes Man, Mr. Agreeable, you know. Respects himself in a way but always gives in and agrees with the woman. They’re hell bent on people pleasing and that’s a really bad mindset to have, especially when courting women. Continue reading “Nice guys always finish last”

Making of a Dapper brother: Men in Pink

dapper brother, men in pink, pink, my guy, confidence, guys

Is pink still the new black? Okay, truth is that whole concept was a bit lost on us. I mean imagine if the N.W.A was screaming “Fuck the Police” in pink outfits? Yo, Eazy E and Ice Cube would definitely look like a bunch of bitches and there’d be no evolution of gangsta rap to celebrate, believe that. Nothing beats that plain black. I mean look how sweet it makes our blog look, right? However, this isn’t to say that the dapper brother can’t rock on with pink. It isn’t the 90’s no more and fashion has changed a whole lot…thank God, because for real, clothes in the 90’s sucked. That baggy clothes and sagging thing we feel weren’t fly at all. Continue reading “Making of a Dapper brother: Men in Pink”

How to manage the side chick

how to manage the side chick, side chick, main chick, main squeeze


Monogamy is fundamental for a perfect and blissful relationship. It’s a wonderful thing…when it works! My guy, please stay woke, because nothing in the world truly ever works like it’s supposed to. Case and point the current POTUS, Donald Trump. But don’t fret young one, we’re always here to offer you a chance to take the red pill, awaken from the Matrix and come into the real world. Aside from God’s initial creation, Adam, we doubt Man was initially designed to have one partner. More so the African man. I mean, come on, many wives was the way of life for our ancestors. Big up to King Mswati of Swaziland for keeping things going strong. Continue reading “How to manage the side chick”

Are you a fuckboy?

are you a fuckboy, fuckboy


Guys, the word fuckboy is being thrown around a whole lot these days. Most especially by those girls that tend to bring it up anytime the dude she’s dating or courting does something she doesn’t like. It’s even gotten to the point where every guy has been on the receiving end of this insult at least once. We’re sure even you, the so called “nice guy.” But you know what, whatever. We’re taking that word back and showing you how you can wear it with a little pride, bruv. As in, if your definition of a happy life is getting to have mind blowing sex with a different broad every week, then rock on my guy. Life is simply just too short to allow yourself to get manipulated by a female driven media world. So…are you a fuckboy? Continue reading “Are you a fuckboy?”

Case of the ex: Can you still be friends with your ex-girlfriend

case of the ex, can you still be friends with your ex-girlfriend, ex-girlfriend


Can you still be friends with your ex-girlfriend? That’s usually a tricky question in many urban societies and cultures. You’ve probably spent months, years or even decades with that one “love of your life,” made countless memories, some wonderful, others outright horrible but now it’s done. What’s left is the curtain call, bruv, because the show is over. What next, right? The thought that this girl whom you’ve known for so long will be out of your life for good can be a daunting one, no doubt Continue reading “Case of the ex: Can you still be friends with your ex-girlfriend”

The curse of the long term relationship without the ring

The curse of the long term relationship without the ring


Bruv, we going in deep with this one. This has cut hard in the many lives of The254UptownGuy, oh yeah, many lives because we are one of many. We are you. Anyway, that we’ll get into properly at a later date. For now, let’s just dwell on tackling the curse of the long term relationship without the ring. Do you sometimes feel like you’re stuck in a relationship that breeds more pain than pleasure but your mind somehow fixates itself on that little happiness over all the destruction? Yeah, huh? That’s interdependence, my guy. And you know what that’s similar to? Drug addiction. Honestly, if you’re creeping into this situation, what’s best for not only you but your partner as well is to cut the cord now. Mayday Mayday, because the plane’s going down, bruv. You need to bail out. Continue reading “The curse of the long term relationship without the ring”

3 solid tips on how to avoid that friendzone

3 solid tips, how to avoid that friendzone, friendzone


So bruv, the friendzone is mad real. We all know this very well, and in this day and age, you reading this has maybe encountered such a scenario or is probably stuck in one right now. It totally sucks, especially when it’s with that girl you think you might just be able to fall in love with, sweep her off her feet to a faraway land and start a life together. Okay, that might be a little far-fetched. But anyway, you get the gist, no? Continue reading “3 solid tips on how to avoid that friendzone”

Making of a dapper brother: Suiting up

Dapper brother, suiting up, suit, suits


Should every man own at least one great suit? Yeah. You definitely should. As in, come on, look how James Bond and Barney Stinson come through so clean and fresh when they’re donning one of their many fine suits. Confidence, sophistication, charm and a hint of worldly wisdom is the aura you give off whenever in a great suit. However, always keep in mind that as much as it gives off a good vibe if worn poorly then, my guy, it can be equally catastrophic. And we mean to the point where it looks like you were dressed by your mama bruv. Straight up man-child. But don’t fret, we got you. We’re here to show you how a dapper brother gets to suit up. Continue reading “Making of a dapper brother: Suiting up”

A Christmas in Nairobi

Christmas in Nairobi, Christmas, Nairobi


You know the year is officially done when Christmas comes rolling in and my oh my how time flies. The year 2017 will be a thing of the past in a few weeks’ time just like that. For those of you who were sure this was going to be the year of great things and sadly things didn’t turn out as planned, well…don’t worry, you’ll get them next year. As for those of you that had a wonderful, successful and fulfilling 2017, kudos to you and yours and on to the next one, no? Continue reading “A Christmas in Nairobi”

Hooking up with the corporate shorty

hooking up with the corporate shorty, corporate, shorty, hooking up


Success in any situation is intimidating; Why? Hard to say. Basic human psyche maybe. It’s unfortunate, but it even gets harder to take when it comes from a woman to a man. Our fragile male egos were not designed to withstand that type of pressure. However, in this day and age where most modernized cultures have really strengthened and backed the power of the girl child you’re bound to come across a girl you like who’s what you’d basically define as successful. And my guy, you’re in the 21st-century bro, you better get used to it because they’re not going away. So don’t cower away from hooking up with the corporate shorty. Return them or try them in your diet. Continue reading “Hooking up with the corporate shorty”

Case of the ex: When you like your boy’s ex girlfriend


Now we all know how sensitive the bro code can be on matters concerning this nature. The case of the ex is a sensitive subject in many modernized urban cultures in the world today. Most people will usually feel that if you find that you’re generally not really friends and are merely acquaintances then there shouldn’t be too much beef that should arise, however, if that said boy is a guy in the inner circle then apparently according to the bro code it’s a no no. Though in our opinion that set of societal rules is a bit vague on this issue. Continue reading “Case of the ex: When you like your boy’s ex girlfriend”

How to close on the first date


Every dude imagines he could be that guy that was able to close most if not all the girls he sees and desires. Well, guess what, that isn’t such an alien concept. You can be closing your first dates. You just need to fine-tune some things and almost treat this like a science. Giving the game a little respect goes a long way. There’s no doubt sometimes preparing for a date feels like your preparing to navigate through a minefield but it doesn’t have to when you know how to avoid stepping on those bombs. Continue reading “How to close on the first date”

420 FRIENDLY: The millennial and its Kush

millennial and its kush


No one can deny the fact that the millennial is having a much tougher time wading through this world of today than most if not all their parents did. However, that’s not the case when it concerns matters of Kush. For you guys who don’t know, Kush is marijuana, ganja, weed, that sticky icky…and so on and so forth. In this article, we’ll go OG like Snoop D and refer to it as Kush. Continue reading “420 FRIENDLY: The millennial and its Kush”

Classic Spanish Sangria with rum recipe

classic spanish sangria


You’re at the crib on a Sunday afternoon, you’re team is not playing and your just with your lady keeping it casual. You both want to drink but she’s not down for a beer or hard liquor and you’re not really game for sipping wine the whole afternoon. Why not try this Classic Spanish sangria recipe where you get the chance to mix wine and that hard stuff in a tasty and elegant manner. This is a fantastic, easy to make, wine cocktail that goes great with those lazy Sunday afternoons. Continue reading “Classic Spanish Sangria with rum recipe”

Raising your texting game

text game


The 21st century, and all the new technological advances that have come with it, has given rise to something the world of today has come to know as the hetero-textual male. Calling has become for work and business only nowadays. WhatsApp is king of the millennial courtship in this era and like the famous words of the Notorious B.I.G…”if you don’t know, now you know nigger!” This article is going to give you a few tips on raising your texting game and basically getting the most of what you can from courtship through text. Continue reading “Raising your texting game”

Reason behind no shave November

n s 2


For the past couple of years the month of November has come to be known in most social media circles around the globe as No Shave November. In this month, social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram and the like will be filled with posts and pictures of bearded men accompanied by the hashtags #Razors_down and # No_Shave_November. Continue reading “Reason behind no shave November”

How to make the perfect steak

steak picture


When cooking steaks, most people prefer to use sirloin, fillet, rump or rib eye steak. However there very many other underrated cuts much like those you get at your local butcher with no names just quarter or half that can still whip up a very splendid steak dish. Don’t be fooled into thinking that you need expensive premium cuts to whip up for yourself a gourmet steak dish at home. Continue reading “How to make the perfect steak”

Top 5 PlayStation 4 games of 2017

ps4 3


PlayStation 4 has had an absolutely amazing year. There has been no shortage of games to pick from for Ps4 gamers. This year most of the world has gotten a true taste of next-generation gaming at its best. Coming down with the top 5 Ps4 releases was quite a difficult and daunting task but we managed to come through. Continue reading “Top 5 PlayStation 4 games of 2017”

Guys! Avoid dating the slay queen

slay queen

First of all, is it me or are these so called “slay queens” on every corner of the Nairobi street these days. It’s like there’s a school there training at I don’t know about. But then again maybe that school is just the Internet and social media. I mean it took Julius Yego to the Olympics so I guess it must be really powerful. Anyway, I digress; let me get back on topic. Let me start by defining what a slay queen is and slowly go on to why you need to avoid dating their kind. Even though I know some of them out there are really…REALLY fine. Continue reading “Guys! Avoid dating the slay queen”

Losing weight and getting lean using the ketogenic diet


Millions and millions of people all over the world try and lose weight but usually end up failing. The reason they’re failing is because most of them just happen to be totally misinformed and have the wrong strategies at play. Most normally think that the reason they are gaining weight is because they eat too much and don’t exercise. They end up believing way too much in the calories in, calories out system, however, that system is a total scam. In this article we’ll discuss the secret to losing weight using the ketogenic diet. Continue reading “Losing weight and getting lean using the ketogenic diet”

APPROACH ANXIETY: Get over it and go talk to her

Approach Anxiety

The single life in 21st Century Nairobi and its environs can be a harsh one no doubt. More so, I believe, for those of you that never seem to be able to garner enough confidence to make that approach and talk to that fine girl, well fine to you because in this case fine is relative, that you just saw at the club, in a matatu, that local café you like to frequent or just around the streets of Nairobi. Continue reading “APPROACH ANXIETY: Get over it and go talk to her”