Classic Spanish Sangria with rum recipe

classic spanish sangria


You’re at the crib on a Sunday afternoon, you’re team is not playing and your just with your lady keeping it casual. You both want to drink but she’s not down for a beer or hard liquor and you’re not really game for sipping wine the whole afternoon. Why not try this Classic Spanish sangria recipe where you get the chance to mix wine and that hard stuff in a tasty and elegant manner. This is a fantastic, easy to make, wine cocktail that goes great with those lazy Sunday afternoons.


What you’ll need for this recipe is:-

• Fruits (Preferably apples and oranges. The apples absorb the rum perfectly)
• Orange Juice
• Half a cup of white sugar
• One bottle of any red wine of your choice
• One lemon
• One lime
• 500ml of any rum of your choice


Once you have all the ingredients above the next steps are pretty simple. All you need to know how to do is how to mix liquids together. Like you did in your secondary school chemistry class days. Place the orange juice, fruits, wine and rum to chill in the fridge for about one and a half hours.


Next, slice the lemon, lime and one of the oranges you had let chill into thin, circular slices and put them into a large jug or pitcher. Pour in your sugar and rum and stir. Place this mixture in your fridge for about one hour to let the flavors incorporate and blend in well with each other.


When you’re ready to serve, slightly crush the lemon and lime into the rum mixture then slowly stir in your orange juice and wine. Once done pouring, slice up your apples and orange and throw them into the pitcher. And there you have it, your Classic Spanish sangria with rum.


Enjoy my guys