Guys! Avoid dating the slay queen

slay queen

First of all, is it me or are these so called “slay queens” on every corner of the Nairobi street these days. It’s like there’s a school there training at I don’t know about. But then again maybe that school is just the Internet and social media. I mean it took Julius Yego to the Olympics so I guess it must be really powerful. Anyway, I digress; let me get back on topic. Let me start by defining what a slay queen is and slowly go on to why you need to avoid dating their kind. Even though I know some of them out there are really…REALLY fine.


The slay queen is a chronic attention seeker who’s an avid party goer and believes that all that’s there in life is the next shisha bong flavor she’ll be sucking on at the next ‘A-list’ event. She’s completely obnoxious and usually spots an outrageous twang which is funny considering the only City life she’s ever tasted was Nairobi and even this she only knew after her 20’s and has probably been here for only about 3-5 years. Not to mention that most of the time they’re usually a little blonde.


The question as to why, as a single (or not, we know how things go sometimes) man in Nairobi, you should avoid this type of girl isn’t a hard one to answer. Besides the obvious fact that they will only be with you when things are kosher, rosy and fun, like I mentioned earlier their generally not that smart. I mean you can’t talk just about the rave and the Kardashians all day. Sometimes you’ve got to discuss and laugh at the latest thing Donald Trump did or if Dangote lost or made another billion.


All in all a slay queen will do more harm than good for your financial, emotional and physiological state so it’s best to try other options. Hell, we can go retro and decide to get a mama from shags like the non-millennial used to, or what do you think?