Hooking up with the corporate shorty

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Success in any situation is intimidating; Why? Hard to say. Basic human psyche maybe. It’s unfortunate, but it even gets harder to take when it comes from a woman to a man. Our fragile male egos were not designed to withstand that type of pressure. However, in this day and age where most modernized cultures have really strengthened and backed the power of the girl child you’re bound to come across a girl you like who’s what you’d basically define as successful. And my guy, you’re in the 21st-century bro, you better get used to it because they’re not going away. So don’t cower away from hooking up with the corporate shorty. Return them or try them in your diet.



The corporate shorty is usually most often than not very tricky prey and will always require a lot of time, energy and resource to take down. Most of them are usually heavily self-guarded, for reasons which are even probably not so clear to them themselves. Whether you’ve happened to come across one who’s barking up your tree or a sexy one you’re trying to get inside with and you’re kind of not really sure how to go about that situation, don’t be scared young one, embrace her success as what makes her attractive. As in, who wouldn’t chug a tall glass of Michelle Obama very fast?



Be it the ruthless corporate advocate, that marketing executive or the founder and CEO of her own freaking company, remember that this person is still just a shorty. She will always be a woman. And you’ll always be a man. And you know what they say right? It’s a man’s world. If you find you’re in this position follow these few tips and see how they’ll make life so much easier.




You may see this shorty as some powerhouse of sorts, but remember, she’s a woman and probably wants to still be treated as such. Be direct with your emotions toward her and make her know you dig her vibe. It really doesn’t have to be that intimidating, it’s mostly all stuff you build up in your head. Don’t be shy about covering her with your raggedy ass jacket or holding her door. Even though they can completely take care of themselves everyone can do with a little extra TLC now and then. Especially girls. She’s most likely butting heads with males on a constant basis at work, so be her release. Be that guy that’s the one who makes her feel special and pretty. Your face is all she’ll see when she sees other dudes’ faces. No lie. Just have fun and relax.




Okay, unless you have a psychology degree and you’re interested in doing some pro bono work, do not entertain her rants about what is going wrong in her professional life or business. Not that you completely shut that stuff out, the corporate shorty needs a solid sounding board at times and you being that to her a little will go a long way, but don’t allow it to be a regular centerpiece of the conversations is all.




This broad most likely didn’t get to where she is by compromising on her work. Her work probably really matters to her. It would be wise to keep this in mind because if it came to a point where you’re making her choose between her and her work then, my guy, you might just lose. And there is a very high chance of that. Unless maybe if your sex game is like being with Zeus himself and still that will just give you a 50/50 chance. Show a bit of interest in her business world. Listen, ask questions here and there when you can and just generally be engaging. Don’t just stare blankly as if looking at a ghost or an alien life form. You’ll just look like a male blonde and that’s very unattractive bro.




Real attraction transcends financial standings, career paths, and social classes. However, if your financial might doesn’t meet that of the boss ladies you’re dating then please avoid asking them for money. You hooking up with the corporate shorty doesn’t mean you’re getting your own personal ATM. Get that out your brain. Find a bank if you’re in need of a loan like everyone else.



Over the past few decades, these girls have fought quite hard to get where they are, some more than others. It’s definitely not been easy. It must be heartbreaking finding out that the more you fight like a marine there for success at work, the more it damages your romantic life and chances of finding love. It’s about time us guys stepped up and showed them they have a place in our personal lives. Yeah, they say there’s plenty fish in the sea, but still, why do you want to deliberately reduce your feast? Who wouldn’t like more fish?