How important is oral sex?

how important is oral sex, punani, getting head, going down

Okay, how important is oral sex. Quite frankly, in our opinion, we feel it’s very important. As in, going down on the shorty is something you just have to learn, bruv. That’s if you’re not already doing it that is. Great sex happens when you’re both willing to give and not just take. You see, it’s not only you who loves getting head. Your broad, most definitely, would love for her punani to be waxed as well once in a while. Simply put, selfishness is usually the killer of a great smash.



Listen here my guy, if you haven’t been taking your tongue on the occasional tour of your lady’s nether regions, it’s time you get with the program of how the 21st century works. Broads, okay the good ones at least, work tirelessly in ungodly positions to grasp the fine art of the blowjob, suffering lockjaw, chapped lips, gagging, pubes on the face and mouth along with sweaty ass balls, all to make you happy. Dude, the least you can do is kiss and lick her second pair of lips for a few minutes or so, bruv. Don’t be the unmemorable chap that just takes because there’s too many of them already. Take this opportunity to stand out.



Women don’t come all the time. In fact, they rarely do. However, you obviously already know this right? Anyway, going down on your shorty will get the job done. No lie. It’s believed that almost 70% of the women living on this planet can’t orgasm unless their clit has been directly stimulated using lips, fingers, a tongue or miscellaneous items such as a dildo or your average banana. Most sexologists believe that the clitoris is the source of the woman’s pleasure. Knowing all this, if your one who slays the pussy for real, how can you ignore it? You simply just can’t afford to.



Giving your lady head, rather than stuffing your meat inside her, is more likely to get her there. And why the tongue is the perfect player for this is because it’s warm, soft and has saliva that acts as a natural lubricant which in turn helps prevent ‘burn’, you dig? Basically, the more aroused you lady gets from getting head, the easier your real work becomes. You’ll be getting in when the blood in her genital area is already pulsating and bubbling with excitement.



Lastly, we get the fact that there might be you who’s afraid, shy or worried your performance down there won’t meet expectations. Let’s let you in on a little secret, young one. These broads out here are HOPING they’ll get an amazing feeling, but really, they usually don’t expect that much. Truth is, this is a treat they don’t get too often, so when they actually do, they try as much as they can to enjoy themselves. You don’t have to be some seasoned porn-star named Mandingo, or something like that, to pull this shit off. You just need your tongue and a little knowledge of the vagina. And with that, we out.


Laters fam.