How to close on the first date


Every dude imagines he could be that guy that was able to close most if not all the girls he sees and desires. Well, guess what, that isn’t such an alien concept. You can be closing your first dates. You just need to fine-tune some things and almost treat this like a science. Giving the game a little respect goes a long way. There’s no doubt sometimes preparing for a date feels like your preparing to navigate through a minefield but it doesn’t have to when you know how to avoid stepping on those bombs.



A few changes and upgrades and you could be well on your way to being like Hugh Heffner himself. Always learn from your mistakes and try as much as you can to avoid repeating them. A little pressure never hurt so you have to keep reminding yourself that it’s the first date so you got no leeway to mess up. Get into that now or never mentality and hunger. Use this playbook and set of rules and see how things pun out.




You may think that touching her all the time is okay and that it shows your digging her vibe but, my guy, you’re unfortunately mistaken. That just makes you look really creepy in her eyes. Don’t get it twisted, I’m not saying you don’t touch her at all, but you have to go through that natural and gradual escalation. And you definitely have to be able to read her signals and signs. One sure way that usually works is when you’re generally fooling and messing about just try telling her you want to hug her and if she hugs you back tight and reciprocates what you’re doing then that’s usually a sure strong sign of being inside.




Being cheap and being frugal are two very different things. Scheduling a coffee date instead of drinks date is being frugal but cheap is when you’re straight up telling her not to order another drink or dessert after dinner. If you’ve committed to going then you’ve got to plan and prepare for those types of chicks and that type of situation. Girls take it that if you’re cheap with cash then you’re probably cheap with emotion as well. And that’s not even factoring in how the way the average Kenyan girl is super hungry for the finer things in life. You have no choice but to create that illusion on the first date especially if you want to smash.




You might think or tell yourself that you’re those strong but sensitive and silent types but showing that kind of personality on the first date will only make you come off super boring and emotionally closed off. And sadly, that’s exactly what your date will pick up as well. Most girls out there are actually pretty nice. They won’t mind trying to coax you out of the shell you’re hiding in but you’ll have to help them out and give them something to work with. You have to remember that she’s also made a small commitment to showing up. Plan your date around something you know a lot about. That will help you speak up and talk more.




Even though you might be a borderline alcoholic, my guy, on the first date you must try and avoid that ratchetness. Getting wasted automatically doubles your chances of making an ass of yourself. Think of it this way, you can’t go play a game of soccer or basketball boozed so why would you go play the game of courtship like that. This thing is serious business, you have to concentrate and keep your wits intact. And don’t try convincing yourself or telling her that it’s because you were nervous about that first date, she won’t eat that stuff up. Even the really blonde. Manage your intake and if you can’t then make sure you’re drinking a lot of water as well.




This doesn’t mean you have to have the suave and panache that James Bond has. It just means you shouldn’t leave your manners at home. Basically you should avoid doing things like using your phone too much or treating waiters rough and talking down to them. These kind of things make you come off looking like a douchebag and is totally unattractive. No matter how modern any woman may seem, holding the door for her to enter or exist a room or car will always give you major points. Stop thinking that stuff is corny or outdated.




The last on this list might easily just be the most important if you want to close on the first date. You have to learn not to bring the sex talk up at all on the first date. In fact, go as far as giving her the impression that you don’t even want it. Show her that you’re mainly there for her company and that you want to get to know her a little better. They’ll automatically take it as a challenge when they sense you’re harmless and it will, in turn, make them much comfortable with you. We aren’t saying never to bring up that sex vibe, just don’t do it on the first date is all. Surely that can’t be too hard.



This simple guideline is legit and following through is a sure way for increasing your chances of closing on the first date, true story. Make these small tweaks and changes and see what’s up. Happy hunting!