“I’m sorry…I was just drunk”

i was just drunk, alcohol, blame it on the alcohol

Like T-Pain said, “Blame it on the alcohol,” right? WRONG! Alcohol just has to stop being an excuse for bad behavior. “I’m sorry…I was just drunk” can’t fly no more, bruv. You need to evolve or die. Okay…not die, my guy, don’t be scared young one. However, you need to start thinking of becoming a better you and that can’t happen without first dropping this nasty habit. One of the very first things most kids grow up learning is how to take responsibility for their actions as well owning up to their shortcomings and mishaps. Here in Kenya and probably most parts of Africa, as a kid, if you did something wrong, after getting one hell of an ass whooping you’d  have to admit to your fuck up and apologize.



The millennial has become a professional when it comes to finding ways of avoiding taking responsibility for anything and that “blame it on the alcohol” vibe has been taken to new heights in these past few years or so. Young adults today seem to be intentionally getting as wasted as they can so as to have an excuse for doing whatever they please. Dude, change this narrative if it’s yours man. Because on the real, it doesn’t help. Cheating on the wifey, drunk dialing and pestering your exes or straight up violence to yourself and others aren’t dope things.  Using alcohol to help make you think you’re oblivious to it just makes the situation worse. Just own up and carry your bag of shit. That’s the first step to learning how to work your way around it or rather try to fix the problem.



Those things you do under the influence of alcohol are wrong because you know they’re things you’d never do in a sober mind. What alcohol does is it pushes you into not thinking about the consequences of your actions. That common saying “that just wasn’t me” is a myth. It was you. It was just buried inside so as to allow you to be a normal sociable human being. So you actually did mean whatever you said, you just didn’t care. Drunk antics always come with a large price tag. Paying for them is usually quite the mean fete. It’s easy not to care or think about how what you did or said while drunk affected people around you but that don’t mean you get a free pass all the time.



We’ve all had that “I’m sorry…I was just drunk” moment. We’re not superhumans. What you generally need to do is accept it and work toward becoming better. You’re responsible for whatever you do and you have to pay the price for the consequences of your actions no matter how much they cost. We can all be better. We can all do better. It’s just a decision you need to make. Own up to your mishaps and stop blaming it on the alcohol. It’s now a cliché don’t you think bruv?