Is she a gold digger?

she a gold digger, gold digger

“Now I ain’t saying she’s a gold digger, but she ain’t messing with no broke niggas…” Rare wise words from Kanye we totally don’t see anything wrong with. As in, a shorty is entitled to want the finer things in life, heck we want that shit. However, let’s dissect those words a bit and clarify one thing. There’s a big difference between a gold digger and a broad who’s financially concerned.



The financially concerned woman generally wants a good life for both you and herself and can be satisfied when she sees a deep thirst and drive for it, but, a gold digger on the other hand, wants you to take care of all her finances completely and will probably leave you the day you lose that ability. Basically, she’s not in it for you, she’s in it for what you have and what that can do for her. That’s the bitter truth young one. Is she a gold digger or nah can be a difficult question to answer, but we got you bruv. Here’s what to look for.




A diva is not a bad thing, however, it has it’s appropriate times. There’re some situations that just don’t call for any divaness, for example, spotting stilettos to go watch rugby, dressing way to fancy on occasions that don’t require you to do so and, one of the most common red flags, the inability to appear before anybody without makeup. Don’t get it twisted, we understand that there many broads out there that just love attention, however, there’s a strong correlation between this and gold diggers.




Has that broad you’re with ever picked up any tab since you’ve been together? Even something as small as cab or bus fare? If not, then you might have a gold digger on your hands my guy. If she reacts to any and all bills presented to both of you like a vampire that has been exposed to sunlight then that’s a pretty dangerous sign bruv. We feel a legit broad should at least offer to pick a tab once in a while, especially if you’ve been together a long time. If she’s constantly taking advantage of the gentleman in you then she a gold digger son.




Dude, if that shorty can recite Kendell Jenner’s itinerary and thinks Joseline Hernandez from Love and Hip Hop Atlanta is the definition of a boss lady then be very afraid. The mind of a queen of reality shows is one filled with exclusive thoughts of the high life and the quickest way to get it. Basically, she has a distorted perception of life. What living life is to her is being in the coolest and trendiest social spots, wearing the coolest and trendiest clothes and drinking the coolest and trendiest drinks. These things aren’t bad; however, the gold digger will want all this with the least amount of work, just like she saw on T.V.




Does she ever use the words “please” or “thank you”? Is common courtesy a rumor to her? If yes to all this, then my guy, the sense of entitlement she has is already too deeply ingrained within her. This is one of the gold diggers flashiest badges, and one she simply just can’t hide sometimes. She believes that everything she gets from you and others is something she completely deserves. Basically, her school of thought is that you’re privileged whenever she’s by your side and that has its cost to her.




Unfortunately, or fortunately (depending on how you look at it), we’re living in a time where broads just need to work as well. Things are tight in the 21st century. Anyway, any well balanced person today needs to have some sort of aspirations. If that chick lacks career goals and aspirations, and seems content with what her looks will provide for her with then that right there is a gold digger son, believe that. She’s waiting for you to take care of her.



If your down with that gold digging vibe and know exactly how to handle things then continue dishing this type young one, prey is prey, however, if you aren’t and you happen to come across these signs with the shorty your messing with then run, brother run. Life with a gold digger can be very un-necessarily hard, so stay woke!

And with that, we out. Deuces!