Is she D.T.F (Down To F@#K)?

is she d.t.f, down to fuck, d.t.f

For those of you that never got to watch Mike the “Situation” and Pauly D do their thing on one of the most famous reality shows of its time, The Jersey Shore, then you probably don’t know or are not really sure what D.T.F means. It’s caught on quite a bit since then. Anyway, D.T.F basically means down to fuck, as was subtly put in our topic headline above. That’s it really.



Now, to the more important things, why we’re here. Is she D.T.F or nah? How to know when she wants the D. My guy, if you thought ‘luck’ was what determines how often you get the punani, well then, we’re here to bust your bubble and tell you that that shit has completely nothing to do with it bruv. Careful consideration of your prospect, approach and your game are basically what get you inside and that’s it. A well-executed blend of all these three components is what gets you the smash in the end. Below are your go to signs on how to know whether she’s D.T.F.




A shorty is more willing to smash you when she’s not being guarded or guarding her friends. We all know this, yes? A majority of broads go out in groups, however, how she reacts to her friends makes all the difference. If you notice she’s clinging on to her friends a little too much then know that’s a dead end young one, but, if you find she’s got some free movement to her, not always by their side and is generally cool with not being around them then you’re on to something.




If you’re done with whatever you guys were doing, whether its coffee, dinner or drinks and you find or sense like she still wants to hang around you a bit longer, then young one, that’s her sign for telling you she wants to get freaky deaky a little.  The probability is even way higher when she’s the one suggesting you do something else. Basically, you’ve been an awesome date and she doesn’t want it to end. Keep your cool and charm intact and that something else could be some bedroom action.




The windows to one’s soul are the eyes, don’t you agree? Anyway, to the vagina they are. The power of body language is strong and eye contact can tell you everything you need to know about whether the shorty wants the boy or nah. If she’s avoiding eye contact even when you’re speaking to her then that girl wants no D. However, if she’s constantly holding eye contact then you might just be inside. Look for friendly eye contact reactions.




This is basically an extension of body language just like eye contact my guy. Broads that are generally down to fuck are usually open to non-sexual physical forms of contact. In other words, if she stiffens up every time you casually touch her then that shorty doesn’t want your big meat inside her.  Her reactions to physical touch will tell you whether she wants to go that far with you.




As we all know, for the millennial and beyond, the phone is your life. So when a girl is paying attention to you more than her phone then just know she’s digging your vibe mad bruv. If she’s willing to live in the moment, which is very rare these days, then she wants to go all in my guy, believe that. Breaking the commitment she has to her phone and social media, even if just for a few moments, is a very big deal. Basically, the women in tune with their surroundings are the ones that actually want to be taken by it.



And with that, you’re good to go brother. Hopefully, another red pill was swallowed today and you’ve got that wee bit woke. That’s all we strive for young one. For you to see it how we do so we can all enjoy this short life we got together. So…is she D.T.F?

Until next time bruv, Adios.