Is she worth it?

is she worth it, ms. right, my guy,

Who’s the right girl for you? An age-old question that seems to have been on people’s minds forever. Unfortunately, no one can really answer this for you because only you know what you need. Most girls don’t know this, but some of us brothers are also desperately looking for Ms. Right. And in this fast-paced millennial life, they’re getting harder and harder to come by.



Most guys don’t generally talk about the Ms. Right thing and that’s why you’ll find that most dudes aren’t even sure whether they already have that One. Anyway, that’s why we here my guy, let’s talk and get into this shit. However, no pressure bruv, it’s never really that serious, especially for us guys. As in, a Hugh Heffner lifestyle isn’t that bad, is it? Oh well, is she worth it? What we’re here to find out. Let’s go.




Dude, let no one cheat you. This is by far the most important thing. Pretending you’re something you’re not and hiding your true personality is something for first dates young one. Ideally, the One should basically be kind of an extension of yourself, you dig? If you can’t be yourself with someone you consider the love of your life then my guy, there’s something terribly wrong. Till death do us part can be a very…VERY long time bruv, you don’t want to be acting through it, believe that.




A good listener isn’t everything. She has to be able to contribute and fully speak her mind on whatever you guys are talking about. This is absolutely vital, even though we know you can never really be 100 percent aligned. You can’t be with someone you can’t talk to my guy, because that would simply mean you’re not really friends and dude, the one just has to be a friend, you get? Being real with each other is the cornerstone of every successful relationship.




Is your potential Ms. Right still as captivating even when she’s not at her best? Okay, by not at her best we mean those times she’s moody or in the morning when she’s got that horrific no makeup face on. Does she somehow still keep you interested? If she does, then homz, you have a keeper right there. The truth is, the ability to intrigue goes beyond aesthetic value and beauty. True captivation is simply not skin deep, because you know she’s not going to stay that beautiful after Father Time goes to work, right? Unfortunately, decades gone by will ravage that beauty young one. We’re sorry to break it to you but we’re all about the red pill here. The truth will set you free.




There’s nothing more frustrating than insecurity. We know you know this my guy. That shit can get more toxic than heroin bruv. The true Ms. Right is someone who can stand on her own, you know? She shouldn’t need you, or anyone for that matter, for reassurance on whether she’s beautiful, smart or sexy. She needs to hold herself down before she can begin to hold you down, you dig young one? We’re all a bit down sometimes, that’s normal, however, that shouldn’t be the definition of her whole personality.



  1. SEX, SEX, SEX!

Nothing, and we mean NOTHING, will work if you guys really don’t enjoy sex with each other. A good relationship without great sex is an urban myth! Plain and simple. With that girl who’s right for you, even bad sex will feel like great sex. Here in Africa, sex is usually never considered a major component of a successful relationship. We’re here to tell you that you need to stop riding on that school of thought. Great smashes are vital if you want a healthy relationship, because if not, really, what’s the point?



Anyway, don’t pressure yourself too much with all this mumbo jumbo my guy, ulcers from stress is real. But, now you know, and hopefully you’ve gotten a little woke. That’s basically all we strive for man. So, is she worth it?


And with that, we out. Deuces homz.