Jumia Mobile Week Sale

Jumia mobile week

Dude, have you been needing or thinking about getting a phone upgrade but maybe cash has been a little tight to come by? My guy, why don’t you take advantage of Jumia Mobile week? It’s 30% off bruv, you can be rolling with a new smartphone for as low as 3k. If not for yourself then even for your boo or one of your family members or something, just buy.



During this week, your budget will fit everywhere and by that, we mean all the phone brands. From major to mediocre to minor, we sure you got this. Oppo, Samsung, Tecno, Huawei until X-Tigi, you’ll be inside. And by the way, it’s not only phones that are getting discounted. You can get yourself some new phone accessories as well. From power banks and phone chargers to phone covers and earphones, you’ll get it all at the Jumia mobile week sale.



So if you’ve been generally looking or thinking of getting a new phone for yourself or someone else, this would literally the best time to do so. And even if you don’t, just take a look, you never know what you might fall in love with. Besides, it doesn’t hurt to look. Click the link below to take a look.