Kenya Sevens reach cup final: Canada 2017/18

Kenya sevens, Canada, Kenya, Fiji

Fiji dashed our hopes of grabbing a second IRB Sevens main cup title in Canada, but still, kudos to the big boys of the Kenya Sevens team. You guys were strong strong all weekend long and certainly did us proud. If anyone was going to take us down convincingly at this leg it was going to be non-other than the Fijians seeing as how they already did during our Pool C matchup. Their style of play was much similar to ours, however, the addition of their natural style, flare and class in the sevens game is what set us miles apart. 



The teams first met in Pool C with the Fijians coming up on top by a slight margin, 24-21. They didn’t seem too unbeatable. Really, that game could’ve gone either way, sevens at its best. The finals between Kenya vs. Fiji marked their 37th meeting. We’ve gone at it for quite a while. They’re actually even the ones we beat at Singapore to grab our first IRB title. However, here they came too much of a dominant force in the finals to take Shujaa apart, 32-12. With no fret of the gallant tries from Sammy Oliech and William ‘Lomu’ Ambaka.



Oh, and there’s one thing or maybe one man we can’t afford not to make a special mention to. Big shout out to Collins Injera. After over a decade in the game, he still kept things absolutely fire. This tournament marks when he broke 250 IRB series tries. That young one was pure bliss, wonderful to watch. Given, he can’t blow by defenders and execute like he used in his early 20s, but damn…can the kid still ball. I guess it’s just in the blood, no?



Bagging the silver in this tournament didn’t do too much for our standings position. Kenya still sits at 8th place overall. But on the bright side, our points tally got quite a big boost giving us a total of 64 points, sniffing England’s tail closely who sit at 7th with a total of 70 points. One of the teams who we beat, by the way, on our way to the finals. ‘Namcos’ seems to have gotten the hang of it.



All in all an excellent tournament with a crowd, at the Bc Stadium in Vancouver that seemed lit all through the weekend. And as always, the Kenyans at the Kenyan corner of the Stadium seriously enjoying themselves. Anyway, on to the next one.