Making of a dapper brother: Cocktails for men

dapper brother, cocktails for men, cocktails


All this happy hour craze that has hit most of the cool drinking spots in and around Nairobi opens up a sweet opportunity. It gives you a chance to go and seriously abuse these ridiculously overpriced joints once in a while. You know, stunt for those few boujee broads you met on Tinder, your neighboring office or wherever, without having to break the bank too much.


However, you might not be able to because, while these women are on top of their game with their cocktail menu, you yourself might not have a clue of what cocktails guys usually take. We’re right a little there, no? Anyway, don’t shy away and think cocktails is a shortys affair. We got you. This is making of a dapper brother. Here are a few cool cocktails for men.




This is a classic men’s cocktail. The choice of drink for Don Draper from the series Mad Men. And yo, who was manlier then Don. Oh, and if you’ve not checked that series out, you seriously should. Anyway, it’s a pretty simple blend of a little sugar, a few bitters for taste and two shots of rye whiskey or bourbon served in double old fashioned glassware. It’s finally garnished with an orange slice.

dapper brother, cocktails for men, cocktails




Another whiskey-based cocktail slides in. Yes my guy, this is cocktails for men. Most of these are very simple blends and don’t beat around the bush too much. It’s all about tasting the liquor with these. This is another one liquor based cocktail that contains two shots of good bourbon, simple syrup and lemon juice. Shaken and served with a cherry on top.

dapper brother, cocktails for men, cocktails




And yes, it’s a triple threat. Whiskey, whiskey and more whiskey. The origin of this very popular dude’s cocktail does actually come from New York itself, as its name suggests obviously. It was born in the Manhattan Club around the 1800s. However, no one really knows its true creator. It’s made from two shots of Johnnie Walker Black, a dash of sweet vermouth and some bitters to taste.

dapper brother, cocktails for men, cocktails



And there we go. Making of a dapper brother comes through. Three legit cocktails that won’t have you looking like an ass and which you’ll probably enjoy. Start going for those cocktail dates, or even just take yourself there once in a while to chill and unwind. Besides, a place like ArtCaffe on a Friday evening can be pretty prime hunting ground bruv.

Come on, go try something different. Peace.