Making of a Dapper brother: Men in Pink

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Is pink still the new black? Okay, truth is that whole concept was a bit lost on us. I mean imagine if the N.W.A was screaming “Fuck the Police” in pink outfits? Yo, Eazy E and Ice Cube would definitely look like a bunch of bitches and there’d be no evolution of gangsta rap to celebrate, believe that. Nothing beats that plain black. I mean look how sweet it makes our blog look, right? However, this isn’t to say that the dapper brother can’t rock on with pink. It isn’t the 90’s no more and fashion has changed a whole lot…thank God, because for real, clothes in the 90’s sucked. That baggy clothes and sagging thing we feel weren’t fly at all.


There are generally three types of men in the world today. The guy that wears the blue shirt, the dude that rocks the white ones and the brother that dares roam and play outside the box. We here definitely loathe that box. We’re young, wild and free. You may not know this but prior to the 1950’s pink was actually considered to be a man’s color. It had some masculinity to it. Jay Gatsby in The Great Gatsby wore a pink suit when they were headed to a hotel in the city with the Buchannans. And which dapper brother wouldn’t like Jay Gatsby’s style. The color was hijacked by women over these past 60 years, largely due to the fact that they began to identify baby boys with the color blue while assigning pink to baby girls.


But hey, as always, we got you, my guy. Never fret. Let’s show you why you need to be one of the men in pink. Let’s do this, bruv.



Like anything with fashion and style what really makes the look is how confidently you’re wearing it. That’s really generally the key to pulling anything off.  Bruv, you definitely don’t need gender-based color schemes as a marker for identifying you as being a man. Okay, for like kids under two we get but after that, it’s a free for all. So as long as you look in the mirror and put on that pink over some broad shoulders and a chiseled hairy chin then that’s all the validation you need. Confidence will make the pink.




Before you dive into the trend of pink you’ll have to remember one thing, my guy, there’s a very thin line between getting things right or horribly wrong. Never go all out pink unless of course, you’re a seasoned pink wearer, and you know what you’re doing. Play it safe, at first, by putting a single item that’s the color pink. Maybe start with like a T-shirt, an accessory or just some socks then make your way onwards. Polo’s in pink is a great start. Actually, anything by Ralph Lauren in pink is dope. Basically just keep it on the low.




Pink is pretty bold, no doubt, so how to effectively neutralize that is by pairing your pink up with dark colors and our top pick, navy blue.  A pink linen shirt paired off with some navy blue chino trousers or shorts blend in together like a fine whiskey and ice, so silky smooth and cool.




Getting the right tone of pink is another way that will make it completely work for you.  Get a tone that matches your natural skin tone. Your skin tone can literally get bleached out if you pick the wrong one and it will work against your natural complexion as well.  As with many things style and fashion related, working with opposites is always your best bet.




Couldn’t have been put any better, don’t you think? If not, well then, here’s why my guy. If you’re among a group of guys and you’ve got on some pink, believe us when we say that you’ll probably be the only one that has that color on and there’s a 90% certainty to that fact. You will automatically stand out from the crowd and chicks will dig the boldness you have in pulling it off.  And remember, chicks already generally dig the color pink, that’s why they hijacked It in the first place. Do it right and you’ll attract them like a moth to a flame.



And there you have it, my guy. The dapper brother just has to be one of the men in pink.  These girls are slowly trying to take over the world one little thing at a time, bruh, and they’re succeeding.  As always we here to offer the red pill so guys can get woke. Join the community through our social media links.

Laters fam.