Making of a dapper brother: Suiting up

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Should every man own at least one great suit? Yeah. You definitely should. As in, come on, look how James Bond and Barney Stinson come through so clean and fresh when they’re donning one of their many fine suits. Confidence, sophistication, charm and a hint of worldly wisdom is the aura you give off whenever in a great suit. However, always keep in mind that as much as it gives off a good vibe if worn poorly then, my guy, it can be equally catastrophic. And we mean to the point where it looks like you were dressed by your mama bruv. Straight up man-child. But don’t fret, we got you. We’re here to show you how a dapper brother gets to suit up.




This might just be the most important part of this article. Remember this, buying a suit doesn’t start when you’re walking into the shop, it starts in your head. You need to have a somewhat clear idea of why you’re buying that new suit in the first place. Is it for your boy’s wedding? Meeting your lady’s folks? Special hot date? Or generally just all the above? Knowing this will let you know what color will be appropriate. And picking a good suit all basically starts from there. Color. If your first, your best bet would be to go the charcoal grey or navy blue route. Just a solid not to over the top color because it will give a wide variety of shirt and tie combos to pick from. You generally can’t fuck these up. They’re regular, standard.




Bro, no matter how much you’re coughing or you’ve coughed up for a suit, remember, a suit is only really defined by its tailoring and that’s what really determines how good it is in the end. The fit is everything. Be it skinny, slim or just regular old suit fit. Whether you spent 5K OR 50K, if that thing fits like a maternity dress or it’s so tight we can count the hairs on your feet poking out from the trousers then that’s not a good look. Wouldn’t you agree? For a good jacket fit, your fingers should be able to cusp the hem of the jacket when your arms have been fully stretched out to the sides. For you’re the shoulders of the jacket let the seam end run right outside yours.




If you’re a seasoned suit owner then try to be adventurous and splitting things up this time around. People usually think this is always mostly accidental or some emergency protocol was being instituted but they’d be surprised. This is actually a legit menswear technique normally attempted by the bold. Combining trousers and jackets from different suits gives you an endless variety of mix and match options keeping you fresh and edgy. Keep in mind that whenever you’re wearing a patterned jacket, keep your bottoms neutral.



A true dapper brother can’t really own that title if he doesn’t have a super suit in his wardrobe arsenal. Suiting up is mad essential once in a while. Besides, it always got that grown-up kind of feeling to it. Like you’ve been put on this earth for something legit. Not forgetting how crazy it drives the ladies. A good suit worn well can be the ultimate panty dropper, believe that.


Don’t believe us, ask The Dapper Brother himself.