McDonald’s is coming to Kenya

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Hear ye, hear ye all you foodies out there. You need to stop what you’re doing and listen for a bit because this is something you just can’t miss. McDonald’s, yes, the iconic golden arches, Mickey D’s, is coming to Kenya. The largest fast-food chain in the world, the McDonalds Corp has now decided to follow others and make its way into our ever growing Kenyan food scene. The doors of its first store are expected to be open to the public by mid-2018, next year. How exciting, no?



They’re coming by way of a franchise and the Total at Dennis Pritt in Kilimani is where the first shop in Kenya will be. It’s been about three years since this mega food corporation invited investors and it seems some few clever guys, hope Kenyans, answered the call because it’s almost finally here.



The entry of this worldwide conglomerate into the Kenyan market is just but another company that has seen the fast-growing potential of the Kenyan middle-class culture and their insatiable taste for the finer things in life. We can all see this, as in, look how KFC and Subways are booming. Not to mention Pizza Hut, Dominoes and the rest. People clearly have money to blow.



McDonald’s restaurants are usually operated and managed by either an affiliate, a franchise or the corporation itself. We here at The254UptownGuy don’t really care who’s behind the decks, all we want is that goddamn Big Mac!