Nice guys always finish last

nice guys always finish last, my guy, nice guy

Dude, let no one deceive you. Nice guys always finish last. Most of these broads out here don’t really want the nice guy…for real. They want that bad boy, bruv. That straight up douchebag. Truth is, women usually think they want a nice guy but what they really mean is that they want a great guy. And a nice guy and great guy are two very different things. A great guy is one that believes and lives by his own principles, even though they may sometimes end up clashing with theirs, as well as a guy that respects and understands himself. A nice guy, on the other hand, is the Mr. Yes Man, Mr. Agreeable, you know. Respects himself in a way but always gives in and agrees with the woman. They’re hell bent on people pleasing and that’s a really bad mindset to have, especially when courting women.


Never give up the control of the direction of your life to the shorty. Stand on your own two feet and always believe in the power of you. Do what makes YOU happy and what YOU want to do. Learn to stand up to her even though you’re attracted to her. If you don’t already know this, don’t fret young one. We’re here, we got you and as always we got the red pill with us. Not everyone can be the authentic bad boy, it might just not be in you, however, there are a few things that can help in staying clear the nice guy zones. See what’s good, my guy.




Nothing tops this. Dude, as in you have to stop being too easy and malleable for these broads. You don’t have to always text back immediately my guy. Look like sometimes you have other things to attend to besides her, even though you really don’t. Quit being completely and consistently accessible to her at all times, especially per her request. Sometimes she needs to be chasing you. At times, be what they want but what they can’t have.



Start being a little risky with both what you do and say.  Say the things you think of but generally wouldn’t speak out loud. And more importantly stand by them, however good or bad those words may be. Girls dig adventure and they want the risk takers. Keep them on edge with your behavior and stop being predictable. Women are suckers for a puzzle they think they can solve. It will always keep them coming back bruv, believe that.




If you’re reading this and you’re a nice guy isn’t it safe to say that you rarely take the lead on anything, let alone matters concerning vagina and the beautiful beings that carry them, no? Don’t fret, bruh, it’s just us here. Anyway, start taking the lead a little bit more. Don’t be in the passenger’s seat all the time, take direct initiative and drive. Steer the conversations and actions to where you want them to go. Speak your mind without hesitation.




Surviving an argument actually builds character and understanding between the parties involved. A nice guy is very evasive of confrontational situations. They always try to solve every problem politely and are rarely able to fully defend their females. These are both very unattractive traits because broads are naturally attracted to alpha males and dominance is part and parcel of this. You can’t dominate without challenge and confrontation, that’s a fact.



And there it goes, my guy. It’s unfortunate, but it’s true that nice guys always finish last. However, you don’t have to anymore. That’s why we here, young one, ever so ready with the red pill to get you woke and out of the Matrix. We are your Morpheus and you are the One. We know you can’t really change a man but you can restructure and retrain his way of thinking and school of thought. Open your mind and the world will be in the palm of your hands.