Top 5 PlayStation 4 games of 2017

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PlayStation 4 has had an absolutely amazing year. There has been no shortage of games to pick from for Ps4 gamers. This year most of the world has gotten a true taste of next-generation gaming at its best. Coming down with the top 5 Ps4 releases was quite a difficult and daunting task but we managed to come through.


Here are the top 5 games of 2017:-




This game transformed skepticism into success brilliantly. Guerilla Games absolutely knocked it out of the park with this one and gave birth to a major new brand in the process. Sony Games got everything spot on, from the marketing to the trickle feed of gameplay footage. All in all it was a game that blended robust action with quality storytelling perfectly.




Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands is an absolute blast. However, the gameplay has changed a lot compared to how the original Ghost Recon series played. Some even go as far as saying it seems like a completely different game. It is a squad-based tactical shooter set in Bolivia. Your objective is to eradicate the Santa Blanca cartel and deliver the country from narcos control.




Naughty Dog brings Uncharted back in the form of the Lost Legacy. The main star Nathan Drake is out and in come Chloe and Nadine. If you can remember correct Chloe Frasier had been introduced in Uncharted 2 as one of Drake’s many muses. The time is set at a few months after Uncharted 4 so you still experience the aftermath in terms of Nadine’s connection to that and shoreline.



4. FIFA 18

No list of this kind is complete without an entry by Electronic Arts with FIFA. EA Sports comes through once again. Frostbite, in its second year, clearly shows what all the fuss was about. This technology has transformed how you look at FIFA and has made its gameplay crisp, clear and out of this world. FIFA 18 is a definite must in all Ps4 game collections of 2017…and of 2018 as well




Last on the list of top 5 Ps4 releases of 2017 is Ubisoft’s online only game known as For Honor. This games focus is mostly on the multiple player mode, however, the story mode still has a lot of variations in it so maybe this somehow balances itself out in that aspect. The combat sequences are quite technical but that just helps make them seem more realistic. This game is definitely a must have, more especially for those PlayStation 4 gamers who love to compete online.