Raising your texting game

text game


The 21st century, and all the new technological advances that have come with it, has given rise to something the world of today has come to know as the hetero-textual male. Calling has become for work and business only nowadays. WhatsApp is king of the millennial courtship in this era and like the famous words of the Notorious B.I.G…”if you don’t know, now you know nigger!” This article is going to give you a few tips on raising your texting game and basically getting the most of what you can from courtship through text.




Like anything you do in life if you want to succeed in that certain thing, you’ll need to have to set clear goals. There’s no exception here. One of the most important things to do before you start texting is to get yourself into the right mindset. You need to set clear goals for that interaction you’re about to have with that girl. A lot of guys usually initiate texts out of boredom, however, that’s the wrong kind of mindset to have at the beginning. Your mindset should be that by the end of that interaction you’re about to have she’s either going to know you better, you’re going to set a date to hang out or she’s going to be coming over. Those are usually the goals you should have in mind before you start texting.





Avoid the temptation to adjust to her rules. Don’t start to imitate her habits like for example, signing every message off with a smiley and such. If you do these things she will subconsciously start to feel like she can control you and become a puppet master of sorts. You want to come off as a confident, well-rounded dude with things going on in your life besides her otherwise she will begin to feel like she’s more important than you and that will usually never really help your cause.




Don’t try to have long serious conversations with her over the phone. Save those for that face to face time. It’s usually very cumbersome and can sometimes portray you as a little needy. There are some exceptions to this rule like when sexting is concerned but first you’ll have to get there. But don’t worry, if you follow these 4 tips for raising your texting game then you’ll get there in no time.




A common mistake guys make is bombarding the girl with information and questions without allowing them sufficient time to digest and respond effectively. Give a girl time to answer one text before you go on to send another text. Most of the time when you do this you’ll be making her feel overwhelmed. Don’t be that guy who’s really impatient because there are so many other guys like that hitting her up that she has to deal with. What she’ll pick up from this is that you’re needy and that’s one characteristic you need to avoid like the plague at this stage.



With these 4 tips for raising your texting game you’re now ready to up your phone game to the next level. Follow these few tips carefully and watch how everything changes