Rashford vs Martial: Who’s better?



The in-house battle going on at the left flank position of the Manchester United side between Marcus Rashord and Anthony Martial has proved to be super exciting to watch so far, to say the least. Some may even feel it’s kind of bringing out the best in both of them because they’ve both been in blistering form so far. Romelu Lukaku’s signing in the summer meant that the young English lad and his French teammate would most likely have to compete for that left side position considering the fact that they both have clearly claimed to be more comfortable attacking from the left.



What a healthy, thrilling and extremely entertaining competition it has been to watch for the United fans all across the globe. Rashford has played 12 games with him coming off the bench for 8 of them and has managed to bang in 7 goals in total across all competitions. Meanwhile, Martial has played has played 9 games in which he has started only once but also has an impressive 7 goals as well. These stats may give off the impression that Martial may have the edge over the English youngster, however, you can argue that him coming off the bench so much means he’s most likely been taking on defenders that are on their last legs, you know. All in all, they’ve both been quite impressive. They seem to both relish the challenge.



It’s hard to clearly pick a winner to this Rashford vs Martial bout in our opinion but the season is only just about halfway through. We’ve got loads more we need to wait for. However, this must be one of those nice problems Jose Mourinho has to think off, as in which coach wouldn’t want to have that type of conundrum. However, recent games show that he might be looking for a way to get them to both play at the same time. But Ryan Giggs, the Old Trafford legend, believes that the time hasn’t come yet but it soon will.



They may not yet be considered to be top players, being that top players are generally expected to be banging in at least 20 goals per season, however, they seem to be well on their way there, don’t you think? Most Manchester United fans can’t wait to see these guys when they’re at their complete peaks. Hopefully, they’ll still be wearing the Red Devil’s jersey.