“I’m sorry…I was just drunk”

i was just drunk, alcohol, blame it on the alcohol

Like T-Pain said, “Blame it on the alcohol,” right? WRONG! Alcohol just has to stop being an excuse for bad behavior. “I’m sorry…I was just drunk” can’t fly no more, bruv. You need to evolve or die. Okay…not die, my guy, don’t be scared young one. However, you need to start thinking of becoming a better you and that can’t happen without first dropping this nasty habit. One of the very first things most kids grow up learning is how to take responsibility for their actions as well owning up to their shortcomings and mishaps. Here in Kenya and probably most parts of Africa, as a kid, if you did something wrong, after getting one hell of an ass whooping you’d  have to admit to your fuck up and apologize. Continue reading ““I’m sorry…I was just drunk””