Are you a fuckboy?

are you a fuckboy, fuckboy


Guys, the word fuckboy is being thrown around a whole lot these days. Most especially by those girls that tend to bring it up anytime the dude she’s dating or courting does something she doesn’t like. It’s even gotten to the point where every guy has been on the receiving end of this insult at least once. We’re sure even you, the so called “nice guy.” But you know what, whatever. We’re taking that word back and showing you how you can wear it with a little pride, bruv. As in, if your definition of a happy life is getting to have mind blowing sex with a different broad every week, then rock on my guy. Life is simply just too short to allow yourself to get manipulated by a female driven media world. So…are you a fuckboy? Continue reading “Are you a fuckboy?”