Making of a dapper brother: Cocktails for men

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All this happy hour craze that has hit most of the cool drinking spots in and around Nairobi opens up a sweet opportunity. It gives you a chance to go and seriously abuse these ridiculously overpriced joints once in a while. You know, stunt for those few boujee broads you met on Tinder, your neighboring office or wherever, without having to break the bank too much. Continue reading “Making of a dapper brother: Cocktails for men”

Making of a Dapper brother: Men in Pink

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Is pink still the new black? Okay, truth is that whole concept was a bit lost on us. I mean imagine if the N.W.A was screaming “Fuck the Police” in pink outfits? Yo, Eazy E and Ice Cube would definitely look like a bunch of bitches and there’d be no evolution of gangsta rap to celebrate, believe that. Nothing beats that plain black. I mean look how sweet it makes our blog look, right? However, this isn’t to say that the dapper brother can’t rock on with pink. It isn’t the 90’s no more and fashion has changed a whole lot…thank God, because for real, clothes in the 90’s sucked. That baggy clothes and sagging thing we feel weren’t fly at all. Continue reading “Making of a Dapper brother: Men in Pink”

Making of a dapper brother: Suiting up

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Should every man own at least one great suit? Yeah. You definitely should. As in, come on, look how James Bond and Barney Stinson come through so clean and fresh when they’re donning one of their many fine suits. Confidence, sophistication, charm and a hint of worldly wisdom is the aura you give off whenever in a great suit. However, always keep in mind that as much as it gives off a good vibe if worn poorly then, my guy, it can be equally catastrophic. And we mean to the point where it looks like you were dressed by your mama bruv. Straight up man-child. But don’t fret, we got you. We’re here to show you how a dapper brother gets to suit up. Continue reading “Making of a dapper brother: Suiting up”