The Beard Gang

beard gang, beard, guy

Does having a beard really change anything when it comes to how broads perceive you? Dude…it most certainly does. As in the beard gang is ruling bruv, and if anyone tells you any different then that person is straight up Lucifer because they’re the master of lies. The beard can make one go from looking like a nerdy 15 year old virgin to the Wolverine, in the blink of an eye. Of course minus the enormous pecks and biceps my guy. Simply put, shortys seriously dig the beard. Continue reading “The Beard Gang”

To Valentine or not to Valentine?

To Valentine or not to Valentine, Valentine's day, guy, bruv

Feb is here. That time of the year the color red communicates love and affection. The Feast of St Valentine. Valentine’s Day. Okay, this day (or month, the way it feels these days) is basically a marketing machine aimed at profiting from the inherent desire the human has to be socially accepted, as well as, from selling the illusions of what true love means and should look like. In other words, issa lie! However, love is still a beautiful thing. Anyway, let’s get back to why we here bruv. To Valentine or not to Valentine, that is the question? Continue reading “To Valentine or not to Valentine?”

420 FRIENDLY: The millennial and its Kush

millennial and its kush


No one can deny the fact that the millennial is having a much tougher time wading through this world of today than most if not all their parents did. However, that’s not the case when it concerns matters of Kush. For you guys who don’t know, Kush is marijuana, ganja, weed, that sticky icky…and so on and so forth. In this article, we’ll go OG like Snoop D and refer to it as Kush. Continue reading “420 FRIENDLY: The millennial and its Kush”