Classic Spanish Sangria with rum recipe

classic spanish sangria


You’re at the crib on a Sunday afternoon, you’re team is not playing and your just with your lady keeping it casual. You both want to drink but she’s not down for a beer or hard liquor and you’re not really game for sipping wine the whole afternoon. Why not try this Classic Spanish sangria recipe where you get the chance to mix wine and that hard stuff in a tasty and elegant manner. This is a fantastic, easy to make, wine cocktail that goes great with those lazy Sunday afternoons. Continue reading “Classic Spanish Sangria with rum recipe”

LONZO BALL: Youngest player to hit a tripple double in NBA history

Lonzo Ball


Before we begin, we’ll start by mentioning that we at this site are fans of everything Lonzo Ball and the Big Baller Brand in general. However much the world loves to hate on Lavar Ball and his eccentric antics, one thing’s for sure, he definitely got everything right when it comes to his eldest son Lonzo. Continue reading “LONZO BALL: Youngest player to hit a tripple double in NBA history”

Raising your texting game

text game


The 21st century, and all the new technological advances that have come with it, has given rise to something the world of today has come to know as the hetero-textual male. Calling has become for work and business only nowadays. WhatsApp is king of the millennial courtship in this era and like the famous words of the Notorious B.I.G…”if you don’t know, now you know nigger!” This article is going to give you a few tips on raising your texting game and basically getting the most of what you can from courtship through text. Continue reading “Raising your texting game”

Guys! Avoid dating the slay queen

slay queen

First of all, is it me or are these so called “slay queens” on every corner of the Nairobi street these days. It’s like there’s a school there training at I don’t know about. But then again maybe that school is just the Internet and social media. I mean it took Julius Yego to the Olympics so I guess it must be really powerful. Anyway, I digress; let me get back on topic. Let me start by defining what a slay queen is and slowly go on to why you need to avoid dating their kind. Even though I know some of them out there are really…REALLY fine. Continue reading “Guys! Avoid dating the slay queen”