McDonald’s is coming to Kenya

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Hear ye, hear ye all you foodies out there. You need to stop what you’re doing and listen for a bit because this is something you just can’t miss. McDonald’s, yes, the iconic golden arches, Mickey D’s, is coming to Kenya. The largest fast-food chain in the world, the McDonalds Corp has now decided to follow others and make its way into our ever growing Kenyan food scene. The doors of its first store are expected to be open to the public by mid-2018, next year. How exciting, no? Continue reading “McDonald’s is coming to Kenya”

APPROACH ANXIETY: Get over it and go talk to her

Approach Anxiety

The single life in 21st Century Nairobi and its environs can be a harsh one no doubt. More so, I believe, for those of you that never seem to be able to garner enough confidence to make that approach and talk to that fine girl, well fine to you because in this case fine is relative, that you just saw at the club, in a matatu, that local café you like to frequent or just around the streets of Nairobi. Continue reading “APPROACH ANXIETY: Get over it and go talk to her”