Nice guys always finish last

nice guys always finish last, my guy, nice guy

Dude, let no one deceive you. Nice guys always finish last. Most of these broads out here don’t really want the nice guy…for real. They want that bad boy, bruv. That straight up douchebag. Truth is, women usually think they want a nice guy but what they really mean is that they want a great guy. And a nice guy and great guy are two very different things. A great guy is one that believes and lives by his own principles, even though they may sometimes end up clashing with theirs, as well as a guy that respects and understands himself. A nice guy, on the other hand, is the Mr. Yes Man, Mr. Agreeable, you know. Respects himself in a way but always gives in and agrees with the woman. They’re hell bent on people pleasing and that’s a really bad mindset to have, especially when courting women. Continue reading “Nice guys always finish last”