Traits of a desirable man

traits of a desirable man, desirable man, my guy, shorty

Everyone likes to be liked. It’s an inherent nature the human has, we assume. Even that guy that seems or acts like he doesn’t want it, when he gets it a little he likes it, you dig? This liking being liked gets even stronger when it’s coming from the opposite sex. And let’s face it, how to know how to get someone to like you is something the majority of us here on earth think about on a daily basis. Continue reading “Traits of a desirable man”

Case of the Ex: Sex with the ex-girlfriend

case of the ex. sex with the ex-girlfriend, ex-girlfriend

It’s a brave new world we live in, my guy. But of course, you should already know this bruv. Anyway, for you who didn’t, don’t fret, we’re always here and we got you. As always let’s see if we can get and keep you woke.  The case of the ex when it comes to sex with the ex-girlfriend is a pretty normal thing these days. That’s not to say it still isn’t some risky business. But hey, maybe that little risk and adrenaline rush is what makes it all the more fun. Continue reading “Case of the Ex: Sex with the ex-girlfriend”

Hooking up with the corporate shorty

hooking up with the corporate shorty, corporate, shorty, hooking up


Success in any situation is intimidating; Why? Hard to say. Basic human psyche maybe. It’s unfortunate, but it even gets harder to take when it comes from a woman to a man. Our fragile male egos were not designed to withstand that type of pressure. However, in this day and age where most modernized cultures have really strengthened and backed the power of the girl child you’re bound to come across a girl you like who’s what you’d basically define as successful. And my guy, you’re in the 21st-century bro, you better get used to it because they’re not going away. So don’t cower away from hooking up with the corporate shorty. Return them or try them in your diet. Continue reading “Hooking up with the corporate shorty”