The art of “Negging”

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Negging has been deeply misunderstood in recent years, and has come to be one of the most overused parts of game as well. Many urban societies feel it’s a part of courtship that has gotten a little out dated these days. Okay, if you’re lost my guy, and don’t know what the hell’s going on right now, don’t fret. We’ll hit it off by telling you what negging is. Basically, a neg is when you give a shorty a half compliment or a compliment with a hint of insult spice in the attempt to bring down her self-esteem and confidence just enough for her to get interested in your vibe.



The idea behind the whole thing is to display your interests accompanied by a mixture of flirts and insults in order to break down her walls and let her guard down to where she’ll start seeking your approval. I know bruv, it’s absolutely twisted, but sadly, it totally works when well executed. The reality is that all women are DTF (Down To Fuck) as long as you can slightly break through her anti slut defenses, you dig? It’s unfortunate, but negging helps you achieve this.



However, why it has come to be so overused, misused and extremely misunderstood is because most guys don’t realize that knowing how to use this seduction tactic doesn’t necessarily mean it will work on every broad you try it on. Targets that easily succumb to this are those women that have high levels of insecurity alongside some major low self-esteem. Given, these are not good quality traits for a potential wife to have, however, for that loose ratchet you want to dish quick and bounce, those are ideal traits. Most times, desired even.



Statements like “Oh wow, lovely dress, must be a common one because I’ve seen it on two other women tonight” or “I like your long nails, reminds me of when I saw a make-up artist doing nails in a werewolf scene” work wonders when perfectly timed and, most importantly, when used on the right broad. It won’t work on everyone my guy, believe that.



All in all, the perfect neg boils down to timing, judgment and complete confidence upon execution. These three things are what basically define the art of negging. Begin to change your sexual narrative, bruv, and start banging you some ratchets with this technique. This tactic works on a ratchet like the way corruption works in Kenya, without a hitch. Smooth sailing all the way until your reaping the rewards. Go try this shit out and see what’s up.

Until next time homz, peace.