The finger up the butt

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There’s this thing that’s been going around for quite some time now among the female fraternity where during sex some broads randomly and loosely slide their finger up the butt. Not sure about how you feel on that huh? Anyway, a large part of us human beings share the same sexual desires, however, many of us shy away from openly talking about them and that’s why we usually don’t realize this.



Let’s do the honor of sharing our view on the matter a bit. We here are totally down for a little freaky deaky once in a while and are all for spicing up the bedroom vibes whenever you can. Basically, our general mindset is don’t knock the hustle until you’ve tried it, you dig? Anyway, in case you didn’t know young one, a dude’s ‘G spot’, so to speak, is in the male’s prostate. Meaning…It’s in your ass my guy, your ass. Apparently, stimulating that area can give a brother immense pleasure. Fucked up, no?



In most African countries, including our beloved Kenya, shit like this is considered deeply taboo. However, the power of socio-economic development combined with the internet is strong. Things are changing fast all across the globe. As a millennial, I guess you simply have got no choice but to keep up and it seems that some forms of anal play have stopped being a question to your sexuality. Apparently, it’s never that serious.



Legend has it that when a woman sticks her finger up the butt just as your about to approach climax, your supposedly going to come faster than a Busta Rhymes rap and harder than a K.C.S.E mathematics paper. Truth is, those who’ve experienced it, never complain and it does actually feel pretty amazing. The bottom line is, you should always try to heighten your sexual experiences by finding out what it is you enjoy and what it is you don’t. Although we totally recommend you try this one out right here before you begin to vilify those that indulge.



We get it’s hard for most straight guys to get down with anything that involves the butt region when it comes to sex, but one thing that’s key to a great smash is having the spirit of adventure. When spicing things up you just have to be willing to be open-minded and once you’ve achieved this you’ll stumble upon an entire realm of sexual pleasures, that of which you’ve literary never experienced before.



All in all, don’t think about what others think about such shit, just care about yourself and how you feel. Besides, bedroom matters are usually a private affair. The only people who need to know how you like getting down is the partner or partners in crime involved. The rest can simply eat a dick, you dig? That finger up the butt can prove a life-changing experience for you. You may never have sex the same way ever again bruv. Broaden your horizon.

Until next time young one, deuces.