The myth of Jose Mourinho’s second season in charge



What every Manchester United fan is dearly and desperately hoping for is that the myth of Jose Mourinho’s second year in charge at a club transpiring into success comes through for the Red Devils as well. As in it’s definitely about time the Premier League trophy came back to the Theater of Dreams and this season, considering how relatively well the team started, feels like the year they might just bring one home. However, Jose Mourinho has his longtime rival Pep Guardiola to contend with this season, and his Manchester City superstar filled squad has proven so far to be quite a devastating outfit.



Early on signs this season show that Jose Mourinho might have already figured out all he needed to but there is still a lot of room for improvement. Although it’s good to see that for the first time in years United have a strong spine (Big special thanks to Chelsea on that one, I mean what did they think would happen there. Either they were really underestimating Man United or they were really underestimating the power the Matic still wields), Pogba’s injury may have given many a little scare. However, the fact that the United Manager has Ander Herrera, a player who was without a doubt one of United’s best players last season besides David de Gea, as a back-up provides a sufficient aura of calmness.



Even though the Red Devils left many of their fans wanting more last season, especially from their Premier League campaign and them finishing at 6th place, winning both the EFL Championship Cup and the Europa League was a definite success for the club and the manager. In the case of the Europa League cup and why it was so special, aside from the much needed silverware in the cabinet for 2016/17 season, was the fact that it came with automatic qualification to the Champions League which United desperately needed.



The Portuguese manager has never once yet failed to collect a domestic title at the second season of being at the helm of every major European club he’s been at, which includes both Chelsea spells. This stint at United, however, will no doubt prove be one of Mourinho’s toughest task yet. Keeping that second year myth alive this time round will be the hardest thing he’s probably ever needed to do in the world of football management. The mere fact that he’s been doing this endlessly for quite a long time in his football management career certainly creates a lot of real pressure to actually do it again. And being at a club of the magnitude and size of Manchester United makes the spotlight a whole lot brighter.



The United manager, at the beginning of the season, insisted that he was in a better position to win the Premier League title this time round due to the fact that he knows his squad so much better than he did last season and at this stage of the season it certainly shows that he does. United fans do have a strong chance of enjoying the myth of Jose Mourinho’s second year in charge, however, like with most things in the world, only time will tell.