To Tinder or nah?

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Let’s face it my guy, online dating and meeting chicks online is here to stay. Here in Africa, such stuff may not be as popular as it is in the West, however, we’re catching on pretty fast, especially here in Kenya. In comes Tinder. This place is literally a one stop shop for potential. As in, if you’re a single guy, we don’t understand how you can be living without that app on your phone. Anyway, to tinder or nah?



Tinder is basically a pocket sized method for meeting potential that’s always available to you 24/7. Given, it can get a bit frustrating at times, especially if you don’t understand your way around how its culture works, but if you stick with it and practice a little patience, you’ll definitely execute. Let’s be real, most guys are only there for one thing at first, a smash. However, we’re of the belief that you can also bump into the girl of your dreams among those Tinder swipes.




Of course we know you’re asking yourself whether this app really works. Well, we’re here to tell you it most certainly can. However, you have to put in a little work on your end. Style up your profile with some nice pics, have a swipe strategy, know your target broad and don’t just swipe aimlessly, and up your message technique game. Don’t get it twisted getting that punani is not automatic.




With all that said, Tinder can still be a place where you can find something more than just a smash. It all depends on knowing what you really want out of it. Just be clear with yourself and your respective match from the jump, however, you don’t have to be so crude and uncouth with how you express your intentions, especially if they’re bordering the nasty. We know chivalry is a dying notion but good manners cost nothing.




If you’re new to the game the first thing you’ll have to consider is what pictures of yourself you’re going to upload. The reality is that Tinder works on a looks based system, so the sooner you get this the better. Your lead photo should be a solo dope pic of yourself so try avoiding group photos here. The rest of them is where you can now put shots of yourself doing interesting things with your friends or just by yourself. You have to show them you have an appealing life, one that’s worth a visit. However, be careful not to exaggerate too much bruv.




The average Kenyan shorty is super hungry for dates. First, because they rarely ever do get asked for dates and secondly, there’s no chance in hell she’s saying no to a free dinner or drinks with a potential mate, believe that. But don’t get too excited, even this is not an automatic thing. You have to design your openers in a way that will escalate into a lively conversation. Don’t be just another one of those “Hey there” chaps. Creativity goes a long way on Tinder. The most obvious initial objective should be how to get her number so you can converse over the phone



We here give Tinder a two thumbs up, no doubt, and the question whether to Tinder or nah is a pretty easy one for us…Hell yeah! As in, why not? You know. It just makes sense. Besides, when and how will you ever get to meet shortys even when you’re in pajamas? Sometimes it’s like literally too good to be true. Hooking up has never been made easier. Get that app now!


Laters fam.