To Valentine or not to Valentine?

To Valentine or not to Valentine, Valentine's day, guy, bruv

Feb is here. That time of the year the color red communicates love and affection. The Feast of St Valentine. Valentine’s Day. Okay, this day (or month, the way it feels these days) is basically a marketing machine aimed at profiting from the inherent desire the human has to be socially accepted, as well as, from selling the illusions of what true love means and should look like. In other words, issa lie! However, love is still a beautiful thing. Anyway, let’s get back to why we here bruv. To Valentine or not to Valentine, that is the question?



A happy Valentine(s) makes for terrific Valentine’s Day smash. And, my guy, if you’re in the business of good punani then how you approach this day will determine the trajectory of your February sex life with your significant other(s). However, for you who’s free roaming, living the singles lifestyle, you enjoy the privileged option of flat out skipping it altogether. You can let out the Fisi and prey on those lonely, loveless hearts across the city.



Romance is one thing not many dudes have and most really don’t even truly understand its concept. Romantic abilities and traits are weapons the regular guy lacks in his arsenal. Solid advice?…start learning how you can acquire them. It opens up a whole new spectrum of female psyche manipulation. If you decide to go in, have in mind that the day needs to always be about her. This is a very useless ‘holiday’ through a man’s perspective; however, to get the cookie certain things need to be adopted. A successful Valentine’s day is one where you’ve practiced complete selflessness. Aside from when you’re reaping your rewards between the sheets of course.



This day is all about doing the things you wouldn’t usually do. It’s that simple. If you’re living together, cook her up something special in the morning for breakfast. Send her those chocolates and flowers at work. This you do so when she goes to the office, school or wherever she’s going to meet up with other females she won’t be the only one who doesn’t have a story to share. Give your shorty that social capital my guy, it really doesn’t have to take much. Trust this, that little boost of confidence you inject into her will be good for both of you, because with a happy lady by your side, your smile will always stay wide, young one.



Now for you who’s single and intends to play the field on Valentine’s day, invest in a small, affordable box of generic Valentine’s cards and pass them round the office to all the single ladies. Don’t forget to sign your name and what department you’re from.  Most broads will be dying to get something small on this day, even though it’s from friendly acquaintances. Besides making them feel good, that small act will keep you on their minds the rest of the day. Wait a little, pick your target, preferably the one who seems to have been emotionally destabilized the most by your action, and then pounce. Basically, find a way to take advantage of their emotional instability bruv.



To Valentine or not to Valentine should basically be about how you feel and what you’re willing to give. If you want to enjoy some great February smash, then we suggest you go for it. However, if you just want to scavenge, hang by the fringes and see what falls your way that’s all good too my guy. All in all, just don’t fret too much over this shit young one. It’s never that serious.

Enjoy your Valentine’s day.