The 5 best burger joints in Nairobi

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Many people don’t really appreciate that precise mess that goes into crafting the perfect burger. Most think it’s just taking a portion of mincemeat/ground beef, squishing it together forming a circular shaped patty, frying or grilling the said patty and then putting it in between some burger buns and adding some light vegetables with maybe a little cheese. My guy, it’s so much more.


However, on that topic, I’ll talk about and explain a little bit more at a later date when I show you how to make the perfect burger from scratch right there at your crib. For now let’s take a look at the 5 best burger joints in Nairobi.



1. BURGER HUT ( Apic Center, Westlands)

Our number one here is no doubt a personal favorite of the254uptownguy. To describe this burger in one word would be simple…..HEAVEN. This burger joint is a small dingy restaurant hidden in a dark corner of Electric Ave (Westy) below what was once a very famous hot spot known as Rezorus (now a Casino). This spot has been a Nairobi staple for over 20 years and the burgers will legit rock your world. Cooked to perfection on a flat top grill, these burgers are always guaranteed to leave you wanting more.




One of the great things about News Café is the reception they give. You get a nice warm vibe before you even get to start to chow down on one of their many delicious burgers on offer. The aesthetics and interior design of all their restaurants is really dope, from the bar to the sitting arrangements. The ambience has a very mellow and relaxed feel to it and goes great with those delicious burgers.



3. MAMA ROCKS FOOD TRUCK (The Alchemist Bar, Westlands)

This is one place that has been having mad reviews since 2016. You’re 254uptownguy is here confirming those reviews as solid. The burgers you’ll find here is the real deal. These guys have their own amazing and unique takes on what a reasonable gourmet burger should be and their execution, perfect. Another thing is that the selection they have on them is absolutely insane. You’ll go nuts trying to pick a burger. If you’ve got some loose cash and you want to try something interesting like eating a gourmet burger from a food truck hit this place up. You won’t regret.




Many people that have gotten the chance of eating a Brew Bistro burger always come out feeling like that was the best burger in Nairobi, however, here we’ll just leave it at being one of the top five. Whether it’s the Brew along Ngong Road or rooftop at Fortis Tower, they always ensure they come through with their burgers. One special thing about them is how big they usually are. Even when your there for a pint maybe and then a waiter passes you with that burger artwork taking it to someone else’s table, you’ll want to drop that pint vibe and jump deep into some burger fun. The only drawback they have is that they don’t come cheap. It will cost you a pretty penny.




Rounding off our list of the 5 best burger joints in Nairobi is Urban Gourmet. This joint is probably the only place that serves up American-style burgers in Nairobi. Their top seller is the Texan Burger that comes with a fried egg, cheese and some very delicious crispy bacon. Their portion of fries on their combos is also super large, fit for any king. The waiters will walk you through the menu perfectly and slowly guide you into making your most ideal choice. If you’re looking for an awesome burger experience in Nairobi city then you should definitely check out one of the many Urban Gourmet spots around town.



Now you know where to get the best burgers in Nairobi. You no longer have an excuse to continue eating those sub-standard burger wannabes you’ve been messing with. Try one of these joints out. The254uptownguy got you!



Bon Appetite my guy…..