Traits of a desirable man

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Everyone likes to be liked. It’s an inherent nature the human has, we assume. Even that guy that seems or acts like he doesn’t want it, when he gets it a little he likes it, you dig? This liking being liked gets even stronger when it’s coming from the opposite sex. And let’s face it, how to know how to get someone to like you is something the majority of us here on earth think about on a daily basis.



Fortunately for you young one, we’re here and as always we got you bruv. You don’t have to go looking for a witch-doctor to stare at magic bowls of soup or buy love potions and shit. This article right here maybe all you need my guy. Forget about what you’ve been told by most of the broads in your life and scope the true traits of a desirable man.




Okay, let’s not try to do away but manage the elephant in the room. Does how you look really matter? Bruv…it definitely does. Just the way you yourself are attracted to those broads with that fine ass and rack for days is how the girl in our millennial life wants that brother who looks fresh. We’re not saying your go give them pectorals and biceps like The Rock, just try losing that pot belly first my guy.


She basically wants to be easy with having to potentially stare at a mini version of you for all her life in case that bedroom situation is to provide a genetic result. In simpler terms, in the event you put a baby in her. Luckily for us, however, this factor is not vital so long as you have the other few things in check. Just keep the physical factors you can control on fleek such as fashion, personal health, and hygiene.




When it comes to impressing a shorty, a sense of humor is undoubtedly one of the most important traits a dude needs to have in his arsenal. As in, women are generally attracted to funny guys. Being able to make a broad laugh can take you really far. Not only is it unstoppable when breaking the ice, it’s crucial for long-term relationship success bruv.


Life is fucking hard, period, so a guy who’s able to dwell on silver linings and see the lighter side of life is something women value in a partner. Besides, what’s the point of being with each other if you can’t make each other laugh once in a while, you know? You simply have to know how to have fun.




Dude, any desirable man you look at has that intellectual aura to them. Don’t get it twisted bruv, we’re not saying you have to be like Steve Jobs, Albert Einstein or anything like that. All you need to do is try having a good, lucid head on your shoulders that has the ability to hold a conversation, you get? Intelligence is something your average woman can’t get enough of.




Every shorty wants a winner, simple as that. A brother with a job and a crib of his own portrays drive, responsibility and hard-work, all of which are ideal for the perfect partner. This hasn’t changed one bit since the caveman days where the best hunter with the biggest game got all the cave ladies. The only thing that’s changed is instead of the biggest game, it’s all about who’s got the biggest ride now. Basically, the shorty with a successful man won’t have to think about starving or freezing to death.




Being sensitive and in touch with your own emotions as well as for those of the people around you is a trait women consider highly attractive. A tough guy that carries a heart of gold with him is priceless. There’s no woman who could resist having sex with Idris Elba, you dig?


Respecting yourself and others is the cornerstone of being a desirable man and without it, alongside communication, no relationship can truly be successful. Sensitivity gives a man the ability to truly listen and empathize with his significant other.



And there we go my guy. The traits of a desirable man. Now you know what to upgrade and improve if you want to reap the benefits of having that title. It’s not too hard young one. All the above is completely attainable. You just have to want it bro. Become a better you.

And with that as the parting shot, until next time homz