Transfer News: Alexis Sanchez is a Man United No. 7

Transfer News, Alexis Sanchez is a Man United no. 7, Sanchez, United, Mourinho

Jose Mourinho has got his man. The Alexis Sanchez transfer has been confirmed and the 29-year-old Chilean will soon strap on as a Red Devil. It seems like a straight player swap seeing Henrikh Mkhitarayan heading over to London to join the Gunners, no fees attached. This transfer has been on the lips of many fans and pundits alike but it’s come through. Alexis Sanchez is a Man United no. 7. The former Arsenal star looked destined to reunite with his old manager Pep Guardiola at City but United managed to swipe through and steal it from under them. Dude’s set to bring home quite the check. He’s reportedly going to be earning 300-350,000 pounds a week. Bruv, that’s 43,000,000 ksh per week. Let that marinate in your mind a bit.



The first ever Chilean to play for the Manchester United first team claims that he’s thrilled to be wearing the United colors and badge and went further on to say that it’s like a dream come true. However, many people may still believe that it’s a situation here where it was all about the paper, Chinese style, but who cares. The guy is going to be a Man United No. 7. That’s simply amazing and a lot to look forward to for all United fans all around the world. He paid homage to Arsenal and said just like Henry he’s looking to make his career better. He wants things he just can’t get at Arsenal, is how you translate that.



Initially, the Red Devils had been interested in Sanchez while he was still a young lad playing for Udinese in Italy. Unfortunately, they’ve got their man 10 years later. But better late than never, no? This is the first time seeing an Arsenal player cross over to the Theatre of Dreams since RVP’s high profile switch in 2012(some Fergie magic right there). Mkhitarayan’s exit, whose part of the swap deal, ends his 18-month roller coaster ride with United since joining from Dortmund. Sanchez is tied to Old Trafford until 2022 while the 29-year-old Armenian will be at Arsenal until 2021.



Transfer News such as this where Alexis Sanchez is a Man United no. 7 is a high profile world Man-U know all about. It’s looking like to be the best not only do you need to grow and train the best as was in the old days but, you have to buy the best as well. You can’t avoid this in modern football. And that’s probably why Arsene Wenger is struggling with it. Once again all you can hope is that this is the crucial turning point Jose Mourinho and his Manchester United team needed.